Target: Early Adopters

How significant do you believe "Early Adopters" are for the launch of Evolution?

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Early Adopters (13.5% of those that accept innovation) – "These individuals have the highest degree of opinion leadership among the other adopter categories. Early Adopters are typically younger in age, have a higher social status, have more financial lucidity, advanced education, and are more socially forward than late adopters." (Rogers 1962 5th ed, p. 283)

MarCom Questions:
  1. Where are these Adopters located in the highest concentrations?
  2. What are the suggested key messages to these Adopters regarding Dash?
  3. What ways (media, events, experiences) would the Dash community support in order to reach out to them?
  4. If you own a business, how interested are you in reaching these Adopters with your own marketing and sales opportunities?
  5. As a business or organization also determined to reach Early Adopters, would you be interested in cooperative promotions with Dash to reach this market?
Your input, response, and sagacious remarks are welcome. Thank you!
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Apr 22, 2017
a) For B2C

Event for Millenialas for example this:
dashcentral: PLAY-AWARDS-DASH
Manga comic Event, etc. etc.

b) For B2B

Event for example this: CONSENSUS-2017

The key messages simple: Bitcoin fee 2$ - 10 min Dash fee 0.02$ - 10 sg

I think, Sponsor events B2C young people and B2B (export/import business)

For business
Paypal 3% fee vs Dash fee 0.02$ - 10 sg and other examples.

5. Of course !!
We have to look for synergies to grow, between real world and Dash world.


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Mar 31, 2014
Current Dash is so much different with Dash Evolution, and I think there are so many more people who could be it's Early Adopters.

1. For the first question I have no idea about it.

I think they are entrepreneurs, software developers and freelancers who need alternative payment method beside Paypal.

2. "Get extra income with your online payment revenue". Because Evan Duffield once said Dash will has masternode sharing in protocol level.

3. I think media to reach them could be some websites, forum for freelancers, small business entrepreneurs and software developers.

4. I will prioritize people who accept Dash and willing to give them some discount.

5. Yes
These responses are helpful. The biggest intrigue for me is to see how those Merchants who operate businesses and have experience with "merchant services," their fees, promotions, tech, and daily use, view the potential of Dash. Also, with the upcoming introduction of Evolution -- it will/can be promoted as a strategic opportunity for Merchants as a way to capture business from Early Adopters. I sense that from your responses. Thank you for this and any additional comments!
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