Support Liquidity Providers Pls VOTE


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Mar 9, 2014

we have maybe 2 days to finish voting for this month's budget and it disturbs me that the liquidity provider proposal has not gotten enough votes to pass. The price has been lowered 65% and although the Liquidity Providers have been running their wallets since October of last year, they've only been paid 3 times. Why is this important? Because without liquidity providers, Dark send doesn't work fast enough or well enough to be reliable due to low demand. Yet some people are relying on the ability to use DarkSend.

So please, go vote to pay the Liquidity Providers a a pittance for running a server and exposing their wallets for the good of Dash. Thank you very much.

And if you got a heart, please pay the back pay owed these same liquidity providers. This month, there is plenty of budget for it, and it would be a nice gesture. Again, thank you.

The last two days of voting are not real days, as the budget goes through before that. There is only about 2 days left to vote, so please do!
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