stupid pybitcointools questions


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Oct 11, 2014
To add ability for OpenBazaar users to transact in DASH, I have to convert vbuterin/pybitcointools to pydashtools.

But I'm bad at crypto math, so I need your help.

With an unknown software I usually start with tests.

As far as I can understand, TestECCArithmetic should not be changed, since we use the same curve arithmetic.

TestBases also should stay the same, since it's about converting numbers between different bases.

I'm skipping electrum tests

I'm not sure if TestTransactionSignVerify has something dash-specific.

TestSerialize passes as is, but the underline serialize method should be changed, I guess, because we use different block format. Or I'm wrong?

Or maybe I'm heading in completely wrong direction and I'd better start with primitives like privtopub and pubtoaddr?

Please, show me the light :)

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