Should Patrick Quinn resign from DCG interim CEO?


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Feb 5, 2020
Hi everyone,

I just post a new proposal. please have a look. Thanks

DCG CEO is a critical position for the Dash ecosystem, We can't afford to make it wrong. Mr Patrick Quinn has been announced as DCG interim CEO on Jun 20, 2022.

Based on my experience with Zairimai (the business Mr Patrick Quinn owns), I think Patrick Qinn is not suitable as DCG interim CEO. My experience will be in the next paragraph. Zaimirai provides bad hosting service to his customers. If the business is not good the business owner either has no ability to make business better or he/she doesn't intend to make the business better. If Mr Quinn manages his own business like that, how can we trust him to manage DCG well as a CEO?

This purpose of the proposal is not against Mr Quinn personally, just would like our community to fully discuss this announcement and make a right decision. If we can't find a proper CEO, better we may leave this position vacant. It would be great if our community members, especially Joel, Amamda, and Mark, could encourage the discussion before the voting date as it is so crucial.

The following is my experience with Zairimia:
My discord name is tingtianming. I've been a Dash masternodes owner for years. I' m not active in the community, as English is not my native language and there is a barrier to communicating with others, most of the time I just read articles.

I used Node 40 masternode hosting service for years. My masternodes worked perfectly under Node 40 management until last year Node 40 transferred masternode hosting service to Zaimirai.

Firstly, Zaimirai took the business unprofessionally:
---On 9th Sep, 2021 I received an Email from node 40 to inform me that hosting service has been taken over by Zaimirai on 1st August. But I did not receive any welcome letter or email from Zaimirai.
---In Nov 2021 I received an email from Node 40 to request payment of a 1 year hosting service fee, which made me confused who is handling the job. I asked Node 40, they said they worked closely with Zaimirai, then I paid a 1 year service fee to Node 40.
---In Feb 2022 my masternode was offline for more than a week, I left messages to both Node 40 and Zaimirai websites but there was no response from either of them. After my second request, Node 40 provided me with Zaimirai's email address to solve the issue.
My experience felt that, during the business transaction, Zaimirai didn't show up, and wasn't keen to help their customers in solving issues.

Secondly, Zaimirai masternode hosting service is a disaster.
---After my masternode was offline for more than a week I wrote an email to Zaimirai to ask what happened. Zaimirai replied that there was a problem on their self-healing system which has been solved, also they have designed a support workflow to improve customer service. I thought I should give Zaimirai a second chance so I didn't cancel the hosting service.
---4 months have passed since Feb, the problem is still there. My masternode is offline occasionally. In June my masternode was offline twice. Patrick from Zaimirai support team ( I don't know if he is Patrick Quinn or not) told me "Pose Banned is a fairly common problem for masternodes. I don't know if it is true, but I have used a few masternode hosting providers in the last few years. None of them let masternodes offline so often! There is something wrong.
---I was also wondering if the host provider should monitor masternode by himself properly? Why does the masternode owner have to write an email to the service provider to fix the problem every time? Last time one of my masternodes was offline just before the payment time, I lost the reword. Patrick replied to my Email: "All set now. Same problem (POSE BANNED), and same quick fix by our system and support team. " I feel Zaimirai isn't keen to solve the problem and provide high quality service to his customers, he just covered the problem.

My hosting issue is a small thing, but we can get some clues from my experience. Like I said before: Mr Quinn manages his own business like that, how can we trust him to manage DCG well as a CEO?

I have contacted other masternode owners who used to be Zaimirai customers, they agree with what I thought and support my action.

Hope this proposal provides a chance to discuss this announcement. Dash is so weak now, we can't afford any more mistakes.

Kind regards