Sentivate is going to be the biggest crypto of 2021


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Oct 7, 2020
Price per token: $0.0047
Market cap: 13.4 million USD

Sentivate is working on a massive array products that will constitute "the Universal Web", which aims to take the best features from both decentralized systems like blockchain and centralized systems like the existing web, and merge them into one. It's important to note that Sentivate isn't just a cryptocurrency - it is an entire ecosystem with technological developments that will advance and improve upon several aspects of the current centralized web that we use everyday. They are creating a fully functional and unique Domain Registrar that will allows users to register their own domain names and create/manage domain certificates.

Rather than creating a system for the creation of dapps like every other "Web 3.0" solution in the space, Sentivate will be the first project to create hApps - Hybrid Universal Web Apps that have access to both centralized and decentralized resources. hApps are going to be HUGE. They will have all the benefits of centralized & decentralized networks, ensuring the highest scalability potential. The centralized aspects will do the "heavy-lifting" on the backend when needed, while the decentralized aspects will ensure the user still has full control over their account/address and interactions within the hApp.

This project is worth learning more about now while it is still so early. Read more about it, join the Telegram, and consider the potential impact a hybrid system like this could have on the space.
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