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Jun 2, 2014
Hey everyone,

A good friend of mine (ttille) and I have just acquired the domain (as well as drkcharts) and intend to develop it into a site similar to, one of the biggest and most widely used Bitcoin websites in existence. We have a premium Windows Server hosting package with unlimited storage and bandwidth (on a month-to-month plan so we can migrate whenever we choose) and we're using the ASP.NET platform. I am what some people would call a "C# guru" and I will be heavily involved in the server-side and back-end coding (i.e., all the "boiler-plate" programming) of the site. However, I am an absolutely awful web designer, haha... I've never been able to beat HTML, CSS and Javascript into submission and create any sort of decent or professional-looking site, even though I can do some pretty amazing things with compiled programming languages, lolol...

That being said, we are in need of a lead designer and lead artist (as well as a webmaster) for this site. These will be a fully paid and/or compensated jobs. We can pay you in DRK, BTC, USD and/or other currencies. Alternatively, we can also offer you an interest in the site and business itself or a combination of pay and shares. Note that the lead designer and lead artist positions would ideally be filled by the same person with adequate experience in both digital artwork/asset design and creation as well as website design and construction. If you can fill both of these positions you will be paid much more generously. ;-)


Lead Designer
  • 2+ years experience with HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • 2+ years experience with constructing and maintaining websites
  • Adequate level of experience with (and understanding of) Windows servers and ASP.NET platform for commercial websites
  • High level of experience with website UI and presentation layer design and construction
  • Web design portfolio or other websites you have successfully designed and constructed
  • At least some familiarity with Visual Studio, Photoshop and other related technologies/tools

Lead Artist
  • 2+ years experience with Photoshop, GIMP and/or other professional-level image editor tools
  • Experience with designing and creating logos
  • Experience with creating artwork and images for UI elements (e.g., buttons, panels, banners, animations, etc)
  • Portfolio displaying artwork from past projects (even if not website-related) to demonstrate skill

Other Help/Jobs

We will also need some part-time help with other aspects of this website's design, construction and maintenance. For example, we will end up needing a full-time webmaster at some point. We could also use more C#/ASP.NET programmers to help me with the back-end and server-side coding and the development of web apps for the site. I will probably also need some help coding various applications, services and DLL libraries for the server. And we can always use some extra hands on deck to help the lead designer / lead artist, write scripts, design and create artwork, fix bugs, etc. If you're interested in helping out part-time please reply here or send me a pm. We will need a LOT of help and we have the money to pay for it!


For the record, these are a "loose" set of requirements. If we think you have the level of skill necessary for the lead designer position but you only have 1.5yrs experience with Javascript, for example, you would NOT be turned down. These are just some general guidelines to go by. The important thing is that you have the skill and competence to do the job we need you to do and do it well! :)

Look below for more info about the website itself. My next post will provide a fairly detailed description of the website's purpose, goals and features...


The DRK Lord


Jun 2, 2014
Now for the fun part: I will explain the overall plan for the website... :D

This website is intended to be to Darkcoin what is to Bitcoin, in many ways. But it will also offer a lot of things does not have, and be better monetized and (with some luck) highly profitable for its owners/operators and Darkcoin as a currency and community. It will not merely be another block-explorer site, but that and much, much more!

Core Features
  • Fully-featured block explorer
  • Search tools for finding transactions, blocks, addresses, etc
  • Detailed Darkcoin market statistics and price information
  • Detailed Darkcoin mining statistics and information (e.g., difficulty, avg. block reward, profitability analysis, etc)
  • In-depth masternode information and statistics
  • Important news and information pertaining to Darkcoin
  • Will display official Darkcoin Project announcements from the Darkcoin dev team
  • A powerful and easy-to-use API for (programmatically) querying the website and retrieving up-to-date info and statistics for your site or app
  • Simple and powerful Darkcoin tools/utilities (e.g., price ticker, currency converter, etc)
  • Powerful and customizable charting for Darkcoin price, mining difficulty, network hash-rate, market cap and much, much more
  • Darkcoin web-wallet service
  • A private key and address generator for creating "paper wallets", "brain wallets" and offline savings/storage addresses
  • An internal payment system (i.e., users of web-wallet can send DRK to each other anonymously and off-the-chain)
  • An "About Darkcoin" page explaining how Darkcoin works, its advantages over Bitcoin & alt-coins, etc
  • Web apps and web-wallet for mobile phones, tablets and other hand-held devices

Some "Extra/Special Feature" Ideas
  • Advertising services for Darkcoin-related businesses and websites
  • Download mirrors for Darkcoin wallet/client software and other important and relevant Darkcoin-related software
  • Financial articles pertaining to Darkcoin and crypto-currency markets (e.g., fundamental & technical analysis and financial news)
  • Tutorials and walk-throughs for various "technical stuff" involving Darkcoin (e.g., building mining rigs, setting up pools, etc)
  • Lists of both small and large/established companies accepting Darkcoin to help you find places to spend your DRK
  • List of places to buy Darkcoins, and information for newbies on how to get started
  • Classified ad service for Darkcoin users selling (or seeking) goods/services and jobs offered/wanted

We also have a lot more things planned and some really great and innovative ideas. Some of these ideas we're going to keep to ourselves for now as they could be valuable trade secrets in the future. But this should be enough to give you an idea of what type of site we're working on and what it will do. A site like this is the one thing that every alt-coin is missing, and it's about time someone did it -- and since no one else has, why not us? :)

If you'd like to help out or have any ideas or suggestions of your own I'd be most pleased to hear them!


The DRK Lord
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May 26, 2014

It's funny I've never seen this post until vertoe pointed it out. Anyway, you have a PM :)
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