Scaling Dash Boost: Reports, Profiles & Dashworking


Sep 2, 2017
Belgrade, Serbia
Dash Address

As the market moves forward and Dash community growth, smaller proposals will carry more value and their impact will be more noticeable on the market. Furthermore, it is important for us to know which members of our community in developing countries can add the most value to our growth and what are their strengths and weaknesses.

Therefore, I am proposing doing a service similar to Dash Watch for Dash Boost proposals. It would include monthly reports about proposals and their progress (including problems and solutions), a monthly call with proposals owners to discuss their proposals and ideas, and the following:

1) Profile on proposal owners and their story – a way for community members to get to know each other on a more personal level.
2) Request for proposals – community members can post requests for proposals, other community members can propose ideas, and we will sponsor one proposal idea each month. If this shows promising progress, we can scale it.
3) Dashworking – based on strengths and weaknesses of our proposal owners, we will be connecting them to work together on certain proposals or support each other if there is a match or they are working on a project that was successfully executed in another country.

I would be requesting 25 Dash from Dash Boost for this service. This fee would also include development of our website. We will be communicating with Pasta and Dash Watch team during our development to consult and successfully scale this service (this does not mean they are endorsing this proposal).

Who are you?

I am Nebojša Jović, a previous chapter director at Startup Grind, Head of Research at Yugonova, Ambassador at the Central European Startup Awards and Founder at Binfluence. I am also an active Dash community member and consider myself to be a Country Manager for Serbia at Dash. Thanks to your support, those who have been following my past proposals and updates know that Dash had a successful year in Serbia. I have successfully completed four proposals for Dash community. You can find articles about our success at the Dash Force News website (e.g. First Dash Presentation Draws Record Numbers).

I will be working together with a team with VC and startup experience to help me successfully build this project.

Thank you
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