Running masternode on 768 mb ram VPS


New Member
Jan 30, 2017

I'm currently running a masternode on a vultr vps with 768 mb ram. At the moment it's running at 61% of total ram.

I've followed some guides online and managed to set up a 2gb swap file.

From what i understand from reading online, the swap file only prioritizes with programs need the ram the most, and saves the rest in the swap for later. So if almost all of the ram is taken up by a single program, does the swap file make a difference? Or can the swap file prioritize tasks within a single program?

When i run out of memory, will the swap file just keep building up lower prioritized tasks till it's full and the server crashes?

Vultr supports dynamic upgrading, but 768mb is half price from 1gb so i just wanna see how long i can stretch it :)

Thanks in advance! :)