Reading this forum on a Ultra Wide Screen ?

Nitya Sattva

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Nov 21, 2016
Even with only half the screen used the text is stretched out so far it is very annoying to read, Most sites with a focus on text content limit the width of the text for a reason. Humans do not like reading long lines and prefer short lines with clear paragraphs.

So yha a fast and dirty fix I made to save my neck:

Edit: as usual, fixed some of the bad English
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Dec 14, 2014
IMO, the reason for a high-resolution monitor is so you can increase efficiency by having more content on your screen at once, without having to minimize and restore windows all the time. Most website content is designed for 1024 or 1280 width these days, I think. When I have a high res monitor, I never maximize web pages to the full res of the screen. Rather, I keep the default web browser window size, and open more windows if the tabs become too small to read. That way, you can have different "categories of tabs" for easier on-screen organization.