Read about the DashNext & CryptoRefills recap on their very successful 30% Dash redeem campaign here

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Jun 1, 2020
Dash Next & Cryptorefills recap on their 30% Dash redeem campaign. It was an incredible year, with exponential growth in these past months. A special partnership between #DashNext & #CryptoRefills allowed users who redeemed Dash for CryptoRefills loyalty points to gain 30% more value during the campaign. This was beneficial for the community as current Dash users got a better deal and users of other cryptocurrencies were more incentivized to test the speed and reliability of paying with Dash. Roughly one-third of all redeems were for Dash. This is a great result if we consider that not all of these redeemers paid with Dash originally. Furthermore, many redeemers, for their further purchases, paid on CryptoRefills with Dash after redeeming Dash the first time. CryptoRefills confirms that Dash payments have seen a strong growth especially during H2 2020, thanks to the campaign, and due to the need of users to make fast and cheap transactions. CryptoRefills CEO, Massimiliano Silenzi, says: "We registered an 8X growth of Dash transactions over the last 12 months. Currently Dash is one of the fastest and cheapest payment options we offer and is ideal for small and repetitive purchases".
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