Question about InstandSend and lazy Masternodes


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Jul 16, 2018
So I've recently heard about the potential lazy masternode problem, where a masternode can in fact simply respond to the ping sent to it and be considered to be online (thus still earning) without doing any actual work for the network. My question is: in the quorum of 10 masternodes selected for InstantSend each block, what happens if all or some of the masternodes are 'lazy' masternodes? It seems like it could be a possible security concern if the worst were to happen, but would love to hear your guys thoughts


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Dash Core Team
May 20, 2014
Masternode quorum for InstantSend is determined for each individual input separately, it's not like one single quorum for all txes in one block, not the case. So yes, _some_ txes might fail to lock if there is pretty high percentage of `lazy` masternodes but even in this case failed txes will fallback to regular confirmations, I don't see any security concerns here. In general, there is no incentive for a majority of mMNs to be lazy - resource usage for an individual MN would be basically the same but utility of the network would degrade thus reducing the price etc.