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Joshua Walker

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Aug 24, 2017
We in the crypto community have all heard the use case of a refugee carrying his or her 12 word backup phrase in their head as a means of taking their assets with them undetected as they flee their home country. Why not bring this to life in a dramatic short marketing piece?

It would really play out as a short film:

In a war torn town with mass exodus happening we bring our focus to a man leaving with everyone else. He keeps repeating words over and over to himself quietly. We follow this man through the different stages of his journey from running away, to walking through dessert, to on board a small boat, and finally to a new land that takes him and his fellow refugees in. All the while he is repeating these words, and the viewer doesn't know why. Finally he makes it to a safe place with some type of computer of device of his own, restores his Dash wallet with the words he was repeating and distributes the funds to his fellow refugees. The end can contain a graphic that explains what happened with the wallet restoration.

I have worked in the entertainment industry my whole career, currently working at a broadcast network I have the connections and experience to do this right. I would love to produce this piece, I think it brings to life an amazing and relevant use case for Dash.

EDIT: I think this project would require 200-250 DASH to produce. Distribution could through streaming portals promoted by people in the community, this would need to be developed further and would require some collaboration.

EDIT 2: Here is some of my work, I can't post links yet so bear with me. I also have been pursuing my MBA (how I discovered crypto) and will finally be finished with that in December.

My Photography on Tumblr: joshwalkerphotography
Short film I shot and produced with Keesha Sharp: youtube search, HR-48 zontal productions
Marketing Content for The CW Network I shot and help produce: youtube search, The Flash Fan Feast with the Cast of the show OAKLEY MIX - first 4 results
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Aug 20, 2017
I think this could be a good idea. I would wonder how much it would cost and how it would be distributed.


Apr 30, 2017
This is a great idea! I love how emotional it could be. Great potential. Would love to see some of your other work. Do you have a real we could watch?


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Jul 12, 2015
And what if we get a top notch marketing firm, and the OP coordinates with them, and we get a million views?

Ten bucks doesn't get you much of a short.
Hey, I'm okay with the ideas, I just wanted to see the stats to back it up. So far I haven't seen anything that justifies 250 dash.


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Mar 15, 2017
Hey, I'm okay with the ideas, I just wanted to see the stats to back it up. So far I haven't seen anything that justifies 250 dash.
As well you should.

Hey Joshua, we're going to need talented content creators. I just don't know if that's today, or next week, or right after we hire a top notch marketing firm to coordinate efforts.


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Aug 27, 2017
Into making short films, documentary. Have similar ideas though perhaps more "guerilla", low-cost, indie. Though if Dash funded some would be nice to have.

Several ideas include:
- "Big Bang/Friends" style drama/sit-com - they will be using Dash, it's fun, easy.
- documentary-style - going across South East Asia, meet a few community (e.g. boardgame club, fishing, small island), introduce, show, let them try, make a short contest or gaming (eg. use the Dash given to you, to buy a service from the other people in the group), use it during a badminton game challenge.
- this is biggest yet it could move Dash in a huge way - do what Elon Musk did. He demo it to California Governor; the governor signed up to buy one of the original Tesla sports car. If we could get Katy Perry to use it.. That kind of situation.


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Aug 29, 2017
The film - it's good idea, but maybe it will be more good, if scenery contain several fragments about different characters with different stories ?