Proposal: Dash Sponsorship of Irish Pubs Global Awards Ceremony

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Sep 24, 2017
Festy & Dash Sponsorship of Irish Pubs Global Awards Ceremony October 9 / 10 2017

Table of Content


The headline sponsorship package:

Budget Proposal

Return on Investment

Development overview


Festy is an Irish payments technology company that unites NFC and blockchain technology by building user-friendly wearable wristbands and contactless cards using Dash for festivals, conferences, concerts and pubs that axe transaction costs for merchants offering a viable alternative to traditional payment processors that are financially crippling businesses.

Since our official product launch three months ago, we have had a successful proof of concept launch at Ireland’s largest music festival (Electric Picnic – 55,000 people in attendance) and have quickly begun executing our strategy for taking Festy & Dash to the global Irish pub market.

We have been working closely with leading publicans in Cork City, Ireland and have begun integrations in major establishments including the Crane Lane Theatre & The Rising Sons Brewery. The team at Festy are confident that we are ready to scale up and take Festy & Dash to this vast global marketplace.

The Festy core team have spent over ten years forging an extensive network of integral contacts in the Irish pub industry both domestically and overseas, and as a result Festy has been offered a unique and golden opportunity to be the headline sponsor of the Irish Pubs Global Awards Ceremony on 10th October in Dublin, Ireland.

There are 500 people expected at the event including Irish and overseas publicans and restaurateurs, drinks industry executives and investors. The Irish Pubs Global network has 9,000 people subscribed to their newsletters with nearly 7,000 pub owners on their database.

The headline sponsorship package includes an official partnership with Irish Pubs Global who are contracted to work with Festy on a 12 month marketing campaign to secure as many clients as possible on their network.

In Ireland alone, with a population of 4.4 million, there are upwards of three million VISA contactless payments per week. The convenience has shown increases in sales volume by 10-15%. This presents a valuable use case example that novel technology can quickly become adopted by the mainstream and be free for the consumer, but at what cost to the merchant? Festy offers a financial lifeline to the Irish pub market and word is spreading like wildfire.

The headline sponsorship package:

  1. Festy and Dash branding + advertising on the Irish Pubs Global website and at the event itself (logos on beer mats, banners, conference backdrop, conference floor, etc)

  2. Video, pictures and a full feature piece about Festy and Dash on the front page of the Irish Pubs Global Federation’s editorial dedicated to 7000 pub owners + 2500 distillers and brewers.

  3. A 30 minute speaker slot to present Festy and Dash to the 500 pub owners in attendance at both events: the opening event on the 9th and the main event on the 10th.

  4. Festy will present the award for Best Irish Pub of the year.

  5. Access to the Irish Pubs Global marketing team that will grant Festy access to their member database and will assist us in bringing out product to market with customer segmentation (i.e. if we wish to specifically target our marketing to the publicans in Massachusetts and/or Malaysia we could)

  6. Festy and Dash will be used for payments as a demonstration while the event takes place. Each attendee will get a Festy wristband loaded with Dash that they can use at the bar where there will be a POS terminal to simulate Festy payments.
Budget Proposal

Our proposal is that Dash fund the sponsorship of the awards ceremony in front of several thousand pub owners.

Breakdown of Costs:

$36,000 Headline Sponsorship Package for Irish Pubs Global conference

$19,000 Development of an app for the conference (see below)

$2,000 Design & Printing (beer mats, wristbands, banners, posters, etc)

$3,000 Business Development & Marketing Team

$1,500 Travel & accommodation for the team to Dublin

$61,500 Total

Return on Investment

The Irish Pub & Hospitality Industry forms the bedrock of society in Ireland and overseas by unifying all walks of life under one roof and being the epicentre for sporting, entertainment and musical events worldwide. When Conor McGregor fights in Las Vegas, how many units of alcohol are sold in the pubs in that city alone? There are Irish pubs in Seoul, South Korea that experience a footfall outside their doors of 1 million people every 4 hours.

The Irish tourism statistics for 2016 dictate that 10.5 million people travelled to the Emerald Isle last year and it’s safe to assume most of them ended up in a public house!

In Cork City alone, without plugging into the Irish Pubs Global network, we estimate that by the end Q4 2017 Festy & Dash will be accepted in 30 pubs that are all thriving business with approximately €14000 of card transactions being processed in each pub on average weekly. These numbers have been provided by our clients and do not include cash transactions. The numbers in cities like New York, USA and London, UK are going to be significantly higher and the scale is difficult to estimate.

If Festy are successful in securing just 1% of the Irish Pubs Global network, then that would equate to a further 70 successful pubs that would actively be using Dash every day.

We are working with publicans in creating loyalty programmes that incentivise consumers to use Festy so that we can increase adoption in the initial stages. Loyalty programmes do not currently exist under the cash & card paradigm because the merchants cannot afford to. We predict that this marketing strategy will be massively successful (if you create a way in which one can earn free alcohol, they will earn it!)

Taking just the figures of sales volume in Cork, if we assume that this strategy is successful and we achieve a conservatively estimated 15% adoption rate as a result then we get:

100 pubs x €14000 = €1,400,000 of card transactions per week

€1,400,000 x 15% = €210,000 of real world Dash transactions will take place weekly.

These figures are as conservative as possible using the variables we are certain about because the team at Festy prefer operate with a policy of under-promise and overachieve . If we were using the sales volume in the aforementioned bar in Seoul amount of Dash transactions generated by Festy on a daily/weekly basis would be astronomical.

And that’s just the beginning… Here is a link to the Irish Pubs Global Awards Shortlist. Find an Irish pub near you which may soon hear about the benefits of integrating Dash in their establishment.

Development overview :
This includes a security audit from an external source

Figure 1 : General overview of Festy's current infrastructure design.
1. Corresponds to the interfacing of the PoS client app with the with Festy's payment

mechanism. 2. Corresponds to the interaction of the POS App with the wristband (combining

wristband ID with unique token from POS App to be able to generate a transaction). 3. Includes the charging and withdrawal mechanism.

1. Development of the POS App and interfacing with Festy's wristbands

Requested funds: $7k


  • 750 custom designed wristbands and 500 contactless crypto cards loaded with Dash for the conference and pub crawl

  • Cross-promotion between Dash and Festy on the app and website.

  • POS App to be installed by the waiters featuring the list of items sold during the pub crawl and at the conference

  • IOS app in addition to Android

Customer Journey:

  • To keep it simple, the wristband will be preloaded for attendees

  • Each attendee will receive a free wristband

  • Attendees can pay for drinks by tapping their wristband against a POS system at the bar

  • The amount is shown in Dash and local currency

  • Users can tap wristband on their phone and check remaining balance, top-up and withdraw with Dash

  • Possibility: user could have a simple app they can link one wristband to. From this app they can withdraw the money once the party is over.
2. Charging/Withdraw from the cards ($12k)

Requested funds : $12k :

Features :

  • Users can tap wristband on their phone and check remaining balance, top-up and withdraw with Dash with a dedicated app.

Customer Journey:

  • To keep it simple, the wristband will be preloaded for attendees.

  • Each attendee will receive a free wristband (600 will be manufactured in total)

  • Attendees can pay for drinks by tapping their wristband against a POS system at the bar.

  • The amount is shown in Dash and local currency.

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Sep 24, 2017
the biggest question i have how will you get users to get into dash ??
That is a great question, Dashmaximalist.

Included in this proposal is pre-loading every attendee of the conference with enough Dash to buy 1 drink at the conference. So all wristbands will be pre-loaded in advance. We don't want to make people use an ATM or other service because we are dealing with the pub industry and these are traditional businessmen and not ordinary crypto enthusiasts, which is precisely the market we the Dash community need to tap into, in our opinion.

I hope this answers your question!


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Mar 16, 2017
That's a wonderful idea indeed if we distribute pre loaded dash bands that will be ahuge boost to dash indeed , kudos well done

Having said that we need to make sure people don't take multiple bands or the pub guys trick us ( but these are risks worth taking )

Congrats on this wonderful job and congrats on the great presentation at the dash conference in London
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Sep 7, 2017
Enjoyed your presentation at London Dash conference also, This proposal should give a great introduction to pub owners of Dash most of whom may not ever have heard about cryptocurrencies, as long as there is a way to measure how many of the attendees use there Dash wallets again after the event and how many sign up to trial it in their pubs with their customers will give a good insight if this type of marketing is effective/worthwhile in other industrys also.
Being from Wexford not too far from ye in Cork, the pub trade is very competitive, and a loyalty system for their customers should pose a great opportunity to grow the pubs sales especially in student towns.
I beleive this would be a great opportunity to test Dash adoption rates in a market (Ireland) that has practically no awareness of cryptocurrencies - If it can be done here it can be done anywhere!

I wish you all the best with this proposal, and if you need any help with printing (I own a printing business) or just advice on other printing suppliers or help at the exhibition give me a bell
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