Proposal: DASH Academy site


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Jan 4, 2016
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I want to propose a courseware site for DASH, in a similar vein to what this website is. Basically a MOOC type website that align the information in the form of a course. Also provides some kind of structure to the inforamtion as well as quizes, and interactivity to the information.

Why is it important?
Mostly for presentation, many mature technologies have some sort of educational material for people that dont want to go deep into wikis or forums to extract the essential information, and also not turned on by marketing material which sumarize this information.

At the same time many universities are already starting to include cryptocurrency on their programs. Here are some samples of it 1, 2, 3. Also as DASH becomes more popular and provides a unique platform like Evolution, DAPI, Storage and other functionality, there might be some more proprietary knowledge into these technology.

It would be good to have a platform to get this information in such a format.

The previous example and effort cost was around 1000 USD, and included the website and 4 basic courses which include quick videos and around 2 quizess per course.