(Preproposal) Kriptomobile 1st network Proposal to the DAO

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Jan 4, 2019

Kriptomobile 1st network Proposal

Kriptomobile corporation is submitting our first DAO funded proposal to continue our marketing and growth in Venezuela. This will be our first time submitting a proposal, and welcome your questions and comments.

Cost Summary

The first release of the Krip phones included a paper wallet with a small amount of Dash inside the box. This proposal is to further fund these paper wallets for 3 more months (Feb, Mar, Apr) at a rate of 0.005 Dash per phone. We are currently estimating sales at 40,000 phones per month, equating to 200 Dash. In addition, we are proposing the continuation of the current billboards that are in place. These currently cost USD $1,500 per month for 3 billboards, or a total 3 month cost of 52 Dash at a Dash/USD FX rate of $85.

In total, the funding request is for 252 Dash per month for 3 months + 5 Dash Proposal cost


We first met the Dash Core Group team in early 2018 and officially launched our exclusive partnership, and the Krip mobile phone on 27 August 2018. The Dash Core Group team has provided extensive detail on the background and strategy we are pursuing in a recent medium article: go to medium and please look blog.dash.org/kriptomobile-dash-venezuela-use-case- (No links allowed here now) It’s very detailed but we encourage everyone who wants a deeper understanding to give it a read. In summary, we announced that the first stage of our partnership has resulted in 66,000 wholesale sales to the LATAM region, with over 53,000 of these to the Venezuelan market. Additionally, the ecosystem on the phone has expanded from Uphold and Bitrefill to also include DiscoverDash and an expansion with Dash Text for our K1 mobile phones - the non smartphone model.

The product

Krip offers a line of products for different segments and users in emerging markets. While these may not compare to the latest product offering from Apple or Samsung as that is not our competition or demographic. Our handsets average approximate USD $100. :

  • K1 – Our non smartphone model but full featured for those who need only the basics.

  • K4 – The target phone for Venezuela. Our entry level smartphone and with a 4 Inch screen, 5Mp camera and 8GB ROM memory

  • K5 – 5 Inch smartphone with with 5Mp camera and 8GB ROM memory

  • K55 – 5 Inch smartphone upgraded with 16GB ROM memory and 13 MP camera

  • K6 - Our flagship model. A 6 Inch smartphone with 16GB ROM memory and 13 MP camera

With the exception of the K1 which has a separate promotion with Dash Text, all of our phones come preloaded with 4 Dash apps (Uphold, Dash wallet, Bitrefill and DiscoverDash) and paper wallet preloaded with Dash, so the user can easily become acquainted with Dash and have all the necessary components of a growing ecosystem.

The Proposal

We are seeking 252 Dash per month for 3 months in order to fund the following:

  • 200 Dash: 40,000 units of new phones per month with an amount of 0.005 Dash in each in the paper wallets for a cost of 200 Dash per month.

  • 52 Dash: 3 Billboards co-branded Dash/Krip for 3 months. This is the full loaded cost including set up.

· 3 Billboards with a cost of around $1,500 USD per month each (Including printing and set up) for a cost of 45.45 Dash per month. We are constantly evaluating better prices and options.

All 40,000 phones funded from the Dao will be forsent to Venezuela. Further, Dash Core Group has agreed to continue in its earlier role as the one who physically holds and funds the paper wallets - we are never in control of the funds. DCG will only fund the paperwallets once they are sold, manufactured and shipped to Venezuela, thus ensuring funds are only going to actual phones physically going to the market. Should we sell more than 40,000 phones in a given calendar month, we will fund the paper wallet from our own pocket. Our expectation is that we should sell a total of 120,000 funded phones for the 3 month period at 40k phones/month. If the monthly sales volume is less than 40,000, we will continue to fund only those phones which are sold, and DCG will maintain custody of the excess funds for future orders. This ensures that 120,000 phones will still be funded, even if the timelines is longer than expected.

The Promotion and Support

Through a range of partnerships and agreements with stores, distributors and wholesalers we have positioned the Krip/Dash brand in over 2,0000 stores all over Caracas and the next 7 largest cities in Venezuela, Miami and other locations making sure we give a dominant positioning to Dash brand elements, which brings cryptocurrency closer to large amount of smartphone customers. As of today the Dash/Kriptomobile partnership has physical advertising presence in the largest electronic malls in Venezuela (City market and Metrocenter) and many other electronic markets as you can see in some of our social media posts and the attached pictures.

Through social media (Own website and Twitter and partners media outreach as well as Dash PR actions) we have maintained direct contact with users and potential consumers in order to provide guidance on how to use Krip smartphones as a gateway to Dash.

Our PR reach has allowed us to bring attention on how Dash is getting mainstream usage by being featured in the front page of travel magazines such as AVIOR travel and being featured in over twenty radio and TV shows in Venezuela, including mujeres en todo on TV, Caraota Digital on radio and many more.

In order to train our distributor´s network on the phones features and how to use the included app ecosystem, we have trained their salesforce, using tools such as personal sessions to the wholesalers, and Youtube videos such as these to massively train the salesforce indirectly.

Through agreements with the Dash Caracas team we have participated in their events such as conferences and workshops, and have also done mass company sales that include training of over 1,000 people in Caracas for a private Kriptomobile customer that wished to get cryptocurrency usage training.

Through agreements with Dash help and Dash merchant we have managed to train and support dozens of stores directly and push promotion into the hands of hundreds of customers and potential customers.

Our Contributions to the Partnership

While we are asking for the network to help fund the paper wallets, we would like to highlight where we have also contributed to the success of the partnership:

  • Exclusive relationship with Dash

  • Over the course of the relationship, we have currently contributed 72.5 Dash towards the original 66,000 paper wallets.

  • Graphic design and all needed activities for the Krip phone box and inclusion of Dash logo in all the product.

  • Incremental cost to manually load Uphold & Bitrefill on Krip mobile phones. This process has now been automated which eliminates the cost moving forward.

  • Design and creation of co-branded signage in retail locations

  • We are currently selling the Krip mobile phones at a wholesale price that averages a low double digit discount from our normal pricing/margins. Because discounts can vary based on customer, we’re unable to share exact details due to the sensitivity.

  • Of course our largest investment is in the design, manufacture and sale of the Krip mobile phones.

About Us

We have more than 20 years of manufacturing and mobile phone distribution across Latin America, having previously launched BLU and YEZZ. Centered in Miami, we are a B2B non-carrier specific mobile phone manufacturer, targeting lower cost markets who are not able to afford the latest iPhone or Galaxy. While the initial scope of our partnership is on the Venezuelan market, we have relationships with a broad range of distributors across Central America, Columbia, Paraguay, Argentina and Mexico, to name a few of our major markets. Krip phones are shipped exclusively for South America at this stage.

You can watch our elevator pitch video on youtube.com/watch?v=1-lsXdpxP80&t=19s

Thank you for reading this proposal and we will be looking forward to responding your questions and comments.

Katty and the Kriptomobile team!