Pre-Proposal: Sole Sponsorship of Reality Check with Ben Swann & Ambassador

Ben Swann

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Dec 18, 2017
Lots of questions about guarantees. I have a legal contract which I have signed on my end. Who signs it from Dash DAO? The Dash DAO already has a mechanism for signing agreements: voting. Consent can be proven on the blockchain. What isn't yet possible is a way for contractors to cryptographically sign their end of the agreement. I hope to approximate this to the best of my ability by signing this legal document. Here is the link to the document: Ben Swann Legally Binding Contract
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Mar 15, 2017
Ben Swann is one of the rare journalists that deals with actual facts, regarding actual stories that are critically important, but are being ignored or whitewashed by the mainstream "media".

He has millions of followers, he is plugged in and turned on regarding how crypto in general and Dash in particular are going to change the world. He is also going to have a substantial staff that does nothing but crypto news, and a (different) substantial staff that does real journalism.

Think about the terrible awful state of journalism at the moment. Nobody believes they are getting honest legitimate journalism right now. Imagine the enormous demand for honest to God journalism that deals in actual facts. I boldly predict his viewership will double, and then double again. That gets us well over the 5 million mark.

And his sponsor, his one and only exclusive sponsor, will be Dash.

Tired of having the media get it sorta halfway right about Dash? Tired of being ignored completely? Bring honesty and legitimacy and integrity back to journalism. The pent up demand for this kind of product is enormous. Go watch his video on the so-called war on drugs and tell me if you heard this information on any of the big "news" outlets.

Go vote yes.

And note that we have plenty of money in the treasury this month, and the ROI could easily be triple or quadruple what we put in.

Our own news outlet. Think about that...


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May 29, 2017
I've always enjoyed Swann's segments, one of the few true journalists left out there. We've got the funds, there's no reason not to.
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Mar 1, 2017
Belgrade, Serbia
I completely agree. I was watching him on YouTube and I really liked what he was doing.
Isn't the whole idea of the crypto community to give people like him a voice?