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Jan 8, 2021

We are Bostjan and Robert, brothers, best friends, and coworkers from Slovenia. We work as creative designers, and in our free time, we are on a bike as much the time allows us.

In 2018, as an aspirant, we wanted to bring cryptocurrencies and their advantages closer to people in a simple way. We made a board game that illustrates trading, mining, and crypto payment system effortlessly. We launched the game via the Kickstarter platform at the end of 2018, where we wanted to raise enough money to start production. Unfortunately, due to lack of time because of our jobs and lack of finances, the game's development took too long. In 2018 the market was saturated with the mass launch of ICOs and a drop in confidence in cryptocurrencies.
Furthermore, we could not advertise the game because of the decision to block all our ads made by all big players who offer advertising due to regulations intended to prevent fraud. Yes, they threw us in the same basket as all the ICOs. That's probably why fundraising on Kickstarter failed because we could not inform virtually anyone about the project at that time. However, today we cannot start production and make plastic injection molds for making figures, coins, printing, distribution, etc., so the project is at the same point since then.

But two years later, that is today :) We came across a dash budget system, which once again gave us a dash of hope that the project might just come to life and get into the hands of children and, of course, their parents and grandparents. The game was, of course, developed with a central bitcoin icon during development. However, when we discovered the dash budged system, we thought we could transform the game and become a representative of the dash system and its family.

The game is practically a modern monopoly on steroids, simple, understandable, and fun. Almost anyone can play it. Besides, we need to be aware of the fact that times change, and standard paper money is not the only currency we should display in board games. Dash might be able to get closer to all generations through entertainment and, consequently, achieve greater brand recognition and build on popularity. Who doesn't play board games? The market share of board games is enormous.

We are also considering and researching additional adjustments for more financially advantageous production in the first phase, helping facilitate the game's launch. Also, other game adjustments can more clearly match the concept of the DASH system throughout the game. In Slovenia, we would need around € 50,000 to make a mold for making figures. Still, we don't have that money, and we have already invested almost as much in producing prototypes and advertising material during 2018. According to our calculations, we would need about € 140,000 of investment to start production, distribution, sales, and everything else required to start making a way to the market. A more considerable amount of the funds would go to the development and production of the first series of the game, and the rest would go directly to advertising. In return, Cryptomania will present the official currency DASH in the game. With that concept, DASH could also be much more recognizable, familiar, and friendly, represented to a broader audience. Together we can make a huge step forward through a simple board game and create great awareness in a few years.

You can also take a look at our videos, one is a classic commercial, and one is the story of how Sky - the main character in the game, found himself in a mysterious crypto world that he didn't understand.

Please provide feedback on whether you consider the project suitable for submitting on the dash central proposal system. That could be one of those moments in humanity, where your decisions may be the ones that have the power to lead to a story that will echo for years to come.

We are also looking for strategic partners and investors who would be willing to participate in the company. In case you believe in us and our project, it would be a significant help for us if you could give us any starting points before posting anything on the dash budget system.

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The company Wololo Inc. in the US no longer operates because its purpose was to participate in the Kickstarter platform. At that time, Slovenia was not one of the eligible countries to participate, so after release on Kickstarter and bitter failure, we had to reduce our expenses drastically. The location of the company that holds the registered IP is in Slovenia.

We are grateful for your time to read our story and proposition idea.
Join the revolution!

Best regards,
Bostjan and Robert