Pre-Proposal: Invest in a Masternode 1+ Hour Video Tutorial

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Jan 9, 2017
Saint Petersburg, FL
Thank you for reading my pre-proposal idea!

What do you think of me asking for 39 Dash in exchange for creating a 1 to 2 hour comprehensive free video tutorial for YouTube and Facebook explaining to ANY investor why a masternode is a great investment AND showing exactly how to get started in 10 to 20 new shorter video tutorials all combined into one single video?

What experience do I have relevant to completing this proposal successfully?

As a masternode owner, I just finished going through this process myself to get started and can easily show everything I did to get started along with how I decided to make one of the biggest investments of my life. In the last 3 years, I have made over 3,000 video tutorials online including hundreds of 1+ hour in depth free classes on subjects like Facebook ads, Google AdWords, freelancing online, WordPress, YouTube, and more as seen at To verify my ability to do this with my knowledge about Dash, last month I made 16 Dash video tutorials in the world's first Dash video class which you can get a free coupon to at by visiting the 39th class on the list. Making complete video classes is what I do full time and if you think we would all benefit from having an in depth investment guide video for Dash, I would love to create it!

How did I decide to join you here and invest in my first masternode?

In December 2016, my friend Albert who works with Wall of Coins shared his excitement with me about the Dash community. At the same time, I happened to be reading MONEY Master The Game by Tony Robbins and making Poloniex trading tutorials on YouTube. Albert was so excited about Dash that I decided to start learning more about what makes Dash awesome. As soon as I saw the masternode and budget system, I was as hyped as Albert.

A Dash masternode was the first way I personally have ever seen to INVEST my money with HUGE UPSIDE and to get paid DIVIDENDS on a monthly basis with a completely LIQUID asset! In investing terms, this means asymetrical risk meaning in the worst case only the initial investment while in the best case, a Dash masternode is worth $100,000 to $1 million or more in 10 or 20 years with having paid out dividends the entire time!

Why might this video bring great value to each of us?

Even after two years of LOVING everything Bitcoin, I had no idea about anything to do with Dash because none of what I read by Googling or watched on YouTube or heard through word of mouth said anything about it until December 2016. Meanwhile, I would guess most of the investment community is still unaware of Bitcoin or considers it simple speculation rather than a real opportunity to buy an asset!

What if one video could change that by explaining clearly the benefits of having a masternode in much more depth than I have explained here AND show EXACTLY what steps to take to get one?

The video I am proposing to create would be made to speak to an investor with no idea about any online currency in general terms why a Dash masternode in investment terms is a jackpot! Next, the video would show exactly how to change USD or other government issued currencies into either Bitcoin and/or Dash. Then, the class would continue by showing how to use Node40 to host a masternode. Finally, the tutorial would finish by a look inside our community with the invitation to participate by voting on the budgets and commenting on proposals in the discussions.

Where would people see this video?

Once this video is finished, I would plan to upload it as I have with thousands of videos before it to Facebook at and YouTube at With millions of people following me online, a few thousand of my most enthusiastic followers will probably watch the video within the first month or two of its release. That alone might get 1 or 2 new masternodes. The best opportunity to get people to watch the video would then be to use paid advertising which I could submit separate proposals for once the video was complete.

On Facebook, I am already reaching 1,000 people that Facebook says are interested in Bitcoin for every $0.52 I spend advertising my online course coupon page I shared above. With every 20 Dash for a Facebook ad budget in future proposals, I could expect to reach 200,000 to 500,000 of the #bitcoin users AGAIN with ads for this Dash masternode investment video and get around 50,000 to 100,000 to start watching the video! View the pinned post on my page at to see how much interaction I have got on the current ad I am running for less than $700 in ad spend!

On YouTube, the best source of traffic comes from YouTube search, suggested videos, and browse features which I will refer to as "organic traffic." The easiest way to get organic traffic is to make a great video tutorial and then to advertise it because YouTube ads produce a lot of watchtime on the video which trigger's YouTube's algorithm's to feature the video to users across the website. I have spent about $40,000 on YouTube ads for my own videos and feel they are the best return I have ever received because today over 20,000 people every DAY spend an average of 6 minutes watching my videos for free. Meanwhile, the cost of the ads is cheap globally at $0.01 for worldwide views. This means I could make a proposal for $1000 in Dash to guarantee 100,000 views on the video I am creating here with YouTube ads. Putting 100,000 views in ads on a video every single time for me has led to at least 100,000 more views for free at a minimum and as high as 2.5 million views for free on one video. These views are EXTREMELY VALUABLE often leading to immediate sales of $10 to $100 in products/courses and purchases for services of $500 to $1,000+ from clients. A 100,000 organic YouTube views on the video I am proposing to create should lead to many new masternodes along with a lot of people setting up a Dash wallet and buying more Dash on exchanges. The video combined with ads might even land a huge investor that would decide to by 10, 50, or 100 masternodes. Here is an example video on YouTube which I did for Google AdWords.

Would you help me make this masternode investment video a reality by telling me whether you would vote yes or no on this proposal once I make it? Would you help me see the best way to pitch the proposal if you think I should change some of what I wrote above?

Do you think 39 Dash is a fair price for this or should I ask for less or more?

I appreciate the time you spent reading this and value your feedback on this proposal!

Jerry Banfield
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