Pre Proposal: esports Integration + Marketing

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Jan 7, 2018
Hello Dash Community,

I am a Dash Incubator web developer with several side projects. Today I need your unfiltered feedback on my pre-proposal. I believe I created a service that can provide valuable integration and marketing value for the Dash ecosystem and I would like to create a proposal if the community finds my project valuable.

The Alpha version of this service was launched mid last year and it attracted the attention of several professional esports players within the gaming industry. Their combine twitter following alone reaches 2 Million fans within the gaming industry and that is just the tip of the iceberg. I am close to completing the Beta version of the software ( more on that later ) and I need financing to further develop, scale, and market the service.

There are plenty of competitors within the industry including the previously accepted proposal from ReadyRaider BUT this market is not a winner takes all landscape. Each game acts as a bit of a silo that typically has separate fan bases. Each genre and game should be seen as it's own community or silo, by supporting multiple esports ventures Dash will be able to expand it's reach within the industry.

A few members of the discord recommended I apply for DIF investment, I reached out over discord DM's, email, and I have DM'd on this forum. I am currently waiting on a response, in the meantime I will be gathering feedback from the community.



What is GAMRS?

Alpha Website

GAMRS provides automated video game competitions for the Call of Duty ( COD ) Warzone community. Our system follows a ‘user-generated content’ model. Users can challenge friends or host events against the rest of the community. Once signed up our system automatically tracks the in game performance of each user and organizes each team on a scoreboard. At the end of the event all prizes are distributed by our automated system and users are free to continue competing at their own pace.

Mid 2020 the Alpha version of GAMRS was launched, for 3 months we worked with content creators in the COD industry to host ‘sub only’ competitions. Example event hosted for a content creator with a twitter following of 140k users.

Late September the Alpha version of the software was closed, I have since refined the service and completely redesign the scoring system. Each competition now supports custom scoring configuration:
  • Give x points per kill
  • Give x point if the team places within the top x teams
  • Give x point bonus if player dealt more than x damage
We also support new forms of competitions:
  • King of the hill
    • If the 1st place team can remain first on the leaderboard for x hours, days, etc. said team will win the prize pool.
  • Race to x score
    • First team to reach x points on the leaderboard wins the prize pool
Our current focus is the 70 Million player COD Warzone market but the GAMRS software is built in a plug and play fashion. If a video game provides a public API we can support automated competitions once we connect to the API and read user match data.

Budget Breakdown/Funding Request

200 DASH per month x 3 months = 600 DASH
  • 40% Development, Scaling, and Legal Fees
  • 60% Marketing, Sponsorships, Affiliate Competitions

What value will this provide to DASH?


Once we resume operations we intend to host weekly competitions in partnership with COD professionals and content creators, all of which would be 'powered by DASH'. If interested we can also negotiate direct DASH ad campaigns with every content creator we work with.

Introduction of DASH Platform
We can provide discounts for specific site services if the user creates a new DASH Platform username, etc.

Encourage adoption of DASH Services
Our current system relies on paypal, square, and stripe for payment integration. These platforms introduce platform fees that eat into player earnings. Thanks to the work of other DASH developers we now have web and mobile wallets available. We can integrate DASH wallet support to eliminate fees and simplify the entire payment sending/receiving process.


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Mar 18, 2021
I have since refined the service and completely redesign the scoring system. Each competition now supports custom scoring configuration:
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