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Feb 18, 2018
Dash Address
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Promoting the use of Dash through FPV Drone Racing.


Organize a series of FPV Drone Racing competitions represented by Dash that complies with all the characteristics to qualify as a Chapter MultiGP and attracts the attention of all LATAM.


● Build a FPV drone racing track of Dash.
● Training of the first FPV Drone racing team of Dash.
● Make six events of FPV Drone racing in the Dash track.
● Carry out two monthly meetups for the community.
● Organize the first Dash ambassadors program in the LATAM FPV Drone community.
● Comply with requirements of an official MultiGP Chapter. (Tier 3)

The project time lapse is of three months.
An FPV drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle (
UAV) with a camera that wirelessly transmits video feed to goggles, a headset, a mobile device or another display. The user has a first-person view (FPV) of the environment where the drone flies and may capture video or still images.
MultiGP is the largest professional drone racing league in the world.
MultiGP Chapters are groups of pilots in a defined region that organize frequent drone racing events to further their skills, competition and progression of our sport
Tier 3 is the first step in the level of
MultiGP competition host, in total are three and define the size of the event that will be perform.


Dash needs to increase the exposal of its strengths as an innovative payment system to attract the attention of potential users who take advantage of its versatility, hence we aim to include Dash to the emerging market of FPV Drone racing eSport, which is a sport with growing interest in the society and with excellent projections.

Accordingly, Dash must create its own ecosystems where the use of this payment method is encouraged. A series of Drone races where all the vendors, sponsors, participants and fans accept Dash, will increase the trust the public has on our cryptocurrency promoting adoption and financial freedom.



Dash logo is shown in all the advertising and promotion of the events.
It will be visible in:

● Drone flight trailer
● Official track
● Brochures, posters, team uniform.
● Stickers and giveaway material
● Vinyl banners for rails on the competition track
● Large banners fixed in the center of the competition
● Obstacles of the track and decorations
● Stand dedicated to information about Dash in each event.

The ambassadors program will lead Dash to different parts of the world where drone racing competitions exist, these will have distinctive uniforms with Dash logo.


The FPV Drone racing sport is currently growing. It has great popularity in U.S.A and Europe, however, it’s beginning to show growth in Latin America countries.

The drone races have more than 5 million spectators. Exist more than 1000 drone racing events annually in different parts of the world, each event has between 500 and 2000 spectators. A drone team is conformed of 4 to 10 people and there are more than 400 teams worldwide, the most famous international pilots have an average of 70000 followers and are sponsored by more than 100 brands and manufacturers.

It is a community that was brought to light in 2014, started as an amateur sport in Australia, currently it has become industry worth more than 120 billion dollars, which demonstrates that is a growing eSport that everyday has more commercial interest.

Each person involved directly in the drone world whether they are fans, sponsors or drone manufacturers is an excellent target for the adoption of Dash technology.


Dash’s Blockchain technology will become the first cryptocurrency in the world to do a series of FPV Drone races competitions and a certified MultiGP Chapter.

This eSport has gained popularity in U.S.A and several places of Europe, however, it is beginning to show great growth in Latin American countries, and in consequence we want to make the first Dash track in Venezuela, where all the LATAM pilots and teams can participate.

To be part of the MultiGP Organization and be a certified Chapter, the following parameters must be followed:


· Construction and designing of a Dash FPV Drone racing track.
Once selected the place where the race track will be recreated, we will proceed to condition and structure the space according to the international standards established by the MultiGP organization. This includes the installation of all advertising material and information points concerning Dash.

In this track will take place all the events related to the races and meetups about Dash. Also, we will open commercial spaces in the track for vendors and manufacturers who wish to contribute to the events and adopt Dash as the main payment method.

· Training of Dash team for International and national competitions.
With the support of the Venezuelan drone league it will be organized new teams that comply with the guidelines established by the MultiGP.

The best pilots in the region will be chosen to be part of the team. They will represent Dash in local and international competitions. All the members will be trained to talk about Dash to the community.

· Organization of 6 FPV Drone race events in the Dash track.
These events (4 official races and 2 fun fly events) are to take place in a estimated time of 3 months. Each event will have media coverage and a digital marketing campaign.

There will be made entertaining videos about the competitions to attract international attention and to show how Dash is innovating in emerging ecosystems.

These events will be promoted in international and national levels, targeting the Latin American teams and pilots. During the events it will be shown in a interactive way the simplicity of the Dash payments.

The prize of the competition and different commercial services and materials offered as food and consumables in the race event will be paid in Dash.

· Execution of 2 monthly meetups for the community
Through the meetups we will raise awareness of Dash to a great volume of people targeting spectators, fans and drone racing members, we will advertise Dash as a technological and financial solution for the consumption of supplies of their teams.

During these meetups we will provide detailed information about Dash and promote the inclusion of the community to increase the adoption and development.

· Make the first program of Dash ambassadors in the LATAM FPV drone community.
Consists in the formation of people capable to spread their knowledge towards the Latin America communities about the Dash technology through different organizations of Drone racing.

Also, they will offer logistic and informative support during the events, their tasks include creation of Dash’s wallets, uses explanation and assistance during the payments.

These people will be responsible of promoting the Dash integration as a payment method to big manufacturing companies and sponsors of Drone races.


Dash virtual payments are accepted by hundreds of companies in internet, they offer the possibility to acquire different types of merchandise and services. These promote the technological growth, financial freedom and cause more business to get involved with Fintech.

The acquisition of products and services using decentralized and innovative payment methods could facilitate and expand the commercial horizon of eSport manufacturers and promoters as striking as the drone races is.

Dash is an innovative high-class technology, understanding this premise we believe that Dash must be involved with other international communities that are promoters of cutting-edge technologies.

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yoshimi ozu

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Mar 17, 2018
Hi Yoshimi Ozu, I'm a member of the ARAtechnology team, we have updated the proposal, we will be attentive to your comments and happy to answer any question.

Ing. Isabel Rivero
CMO of ARAtechonology
I see it now, sorry it must have been still uploading before. It looks like smart plan, I agree with @jesccs question if you can provide more of the "why" behind this proposal. I love drone racing myself but any data behind the audience and how it helps Dash would make sense to provide here. Thank you!


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Feb 20, 2018
The idea looks great, I have trouble understanding is what are the specific benefits for DASH. I suggest you specify it very well. Where will the races be and how many people do you expect to go to each event?
good luck!

The drone racing track will be located in Caracas-Venezuela, nevertheless the proposal background is to impulse the Dash adoption in all Latam community that have interest in this sport.
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jose larez

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Mar 9, 2018
Dash Address
Hi @jesccs and @yoshimi ozu , I'm Antonio Larez and i'm a member of the ARA technology team. Part of the ROI of our proposal is that the big brands inside the FPV drone world get to know what dash is and that the cryptocurrencies are now part of the real world. Also these can complement with this new interesting sport who is in constatly grow.

Inside all this, we will have a map where you can see the preliminary view of the drone track. Also we will have a series of stands where we will give information to the people about dash and the adventages of their project. How can be used, where do you get Dash and other utilities.

Dash has a lot of beneficts in the real world and the idea is the we unite this new futurism disruptive sport with the disruptive blockchain technology of Dash and provide the info to the people that doesn't know the Dash Project and reach the first sports community of Dash in this new sport!

We are willing to respond any doubt or concern!


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Mar 27, 2017
While I don't dislike your proposal atm I wouldn't vote for it. With the budget as tight as it is I prefer proposals that include actual usage of Dash and not random sponsorships.

I do like how detailed your proposal is but unless the price and thus the budget increases I can't support this.


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Feb 20, 2018
While I don't dislike your proposal atm I wouldn't vote for it. With the budget as tight as it is I prefer proposals that include actual usage of Dash and not random sponsorships.

I do like how detailed your proposal is but unless the price and thus the budget increases I can't support this.
Hi thanks for reviewing our proposal. Our goal is to increase the exposal of the cryptocurrency and make it go viral, although we know that dash price and governance budget has suffered due to the recent bearmarket we believe that giving real uses and promotion to Dash through this sport could be key to accomplish our objective because its actual growing interest in the LATAM community and the world.