[Pre-Proposal]: Dash expansion in business sector. Conclusion of close cooperation

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Aug 29, 2017
Hi everybody.
My name is Andrew Moskovko, I am one of the founders and architects of the Avrorum project, in order to understand what we want to offer, I will describe what we are creating. Avrorum is a Blockchain CRM \ ERP system, CRM and ERP are used in companies for accounting, control, and analytics of all business activities. We want to popularize the use of crypto currency in companies using this system. In this system, you can take crypto-currencies, pay salaries and immediately receive a full automatic analysis of income and expenses. Expose goods and services for crypto currency and receive full analysis. We make an internal exchanger so that an employee or company can automatically make auto withdrawal into ordinary money - to avoid the volatility of the crypto currency market. Employees of companies will also be able to expose what percentage of the salary they want to keep in their favourite crypto currency. In a word, we are creating a crypto-currency ecosystem for business, something like a "bridge" from the economy 1.0 to the economy 2.0. The project we are doing is large, and I will tell you more about it if it is interesting. The project will be managed by DAO. And we want that future community of "Avrorum" will be closely friends with "Dash". Dash is positioned as digital cash, when it comes to fast and safe payment processing people will think about Dash in our opinion. It is because InstantX to shop "more interesting" will accept Dash and at once to receive full analytics in CRM \ ERP Avrorum where it at once will see the analyst on incomes and charges of the enterprise.
We believe that each crypto currency has its own purpose, and if we talk about Dash, then it will be used in everyday life. Our project will promote the Dash crypto currency even if the proposal is rejected. We also understand that few people like to read long texts, so we tried to describe everything briefly, focusing on the main things that we think will be interesting for Dash. We are completely open to suggestions and will be happy to hear any conditions.

Benefits of project:
1) Convenient use of the crypto currency in the business sector, obtaining full automatic analytics, accounting and reporting.
2) Safe and private coordination, management of internal regulatory documentation, external conclusion of contracts, contracts, documents between enterprises, suppliers and employees.
3) Ability to create templates for the convenience of enterprise reporting on income in the native crypto currency.
4) The ability to conveniently accept the crypto currency and pay it out as salaries.
5) Automatic transfers of conventional money to the crypto currency and vice versa.
6) Elimination of enterprise data leakage.
7) No forgery of documents, because documents will be permanently stored in Blockchain.
8) Ability to work without connecting to the Internet.
9) Ability to create and connect additional functionality for companies.
10) Additional income of companies using remuneration in the crypto currency of the Avrorum project.
11) The possibility of accounting for goods in a warehouse and in stores.
12) Maximum customization of the functional and adjustment to the specification of the company.
13) Ability to sell goods and provide services directly on the platform.
14) Obtaining tools for marketing and promotion of companies.
15) Elimination of data loss due to their distribution.
16) Full privacy of companies. Elimination of the possibility of data leakage even from the developers.

Logical Chains:
- If the business is easy and convenient to analyze the income \ expenditure in the crypto currency = it is easy and convenient to take a crypto currency = it is easy and convenient to provide services for crypto currency.
- If a business provides services for crypto currency = then ordinary money slowly loses its meaning
in use = promotion of the economy 2.0.
- If it is convenient for a business to accept a crypto currency = it is easy and convenient to pay salaries in the crypto currency.
- If I, as an employee, are sure of the safety of my salary in the Crypto currency (Safety from the volatility of courses and from hacking) = I will easily accept this salary (and gladly leave the interest in the crypto currency - also earning extra money).

Benefits for Dash:
- Popularization and PR Dash.
- Stimulation of business and companies, use Dash.
- A close alliance with the entire future community (DAO) Avrorum.
- Additional recommendations from Avrorum in using Dash.
- Additional revenue from the Avrorum project in the Dash budget.

What we need ?
150 Dash for the marketing and juristic aspects of our PreICO. We are ready to provide full accountability for all expenses.

Detailed information about our project:

WP: https://avrorum.io/Avrorum_WP_EN.pdf
Site: https://avrorum.io/
Prototype: https://avrorum.com/
Light WP: https://avrorum.io/Light_WP_EN.pdf
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May 27, 2014
Sounds like a good use for Dash.
With Evolution coming out, this would be very complementary, IMO, for people that want to get paid in Dash and live in the Dashverse.