Pre-proposal: «Dash People! Your Choice!»

Helen Besedina

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Jan 31, 2018

Hello, DASH Community!

We are very glad to be a part of you. We contribute to DASH interests and do it with great pleasure.

Being DASH digital money investors we want DASH to develop dynamically and reach its objective to turn into a full widespread payment service with multiple useful options.

We follow DASH news and watch videos from DASH conferences. Especially, Amanda B.Jonson’s DASH detailed and Ryan Taylor’s reports are very inspiring for us.

Obviously, DAO potential is huge. Therefore, we’re passionate as the active followers to be among leading DASH promoters. We’re sure that our marketing activity specially designed for DASH will provide great benefit to the Community.

Our Proposal.

We are going to promote DASH digital money system throughout the Russian market via professional sport and different sport communities.
DASH propaganda especially through sport is the main key of our marketing concept.
This project is considered to be held for 6 months with extension. As experts, we do believe that in most cases short-term actions provide short-term effects. Therefore, we always prefer thinking of several steps ahead doing coherent and scrupulous work.
These 6 months are divided into two periods of 3 months each.

Here is our Proposal for the first 3 months.

Supported by DASH, we intend to create DASH_SPORT_CHANNEL with DASH attributes and symbols. We’re going to promote DASH a specific way. Namely, we will invite athletes and sport media persons for 15-minute dynamic and positive interviews that will contain different actual issues. However, every time we will lead our dialogs to DASH digital cash topics.

On the one hand, we give our audience this way an opportunity to find out opinions of media people according to crypto currency and digital money market. On the other hand, we follow our interests and expand our DASH propaganda among viewers and increase the number of DASH members.

The fact is that digital cash era has already begun. This is inevitable process. Our conversations are considered to convince people that each sane person who owns assets and wants to be aware about the latest phenomenon should plan the future in line with the new crypto currency reality.

In the framework of our Proposal, additionally we will support our media activity with a sponsorship program for athletes who participate in domestic and international competitions. The program includes providing DASH branding for sports apparel and sports accessories.

Key points why we chose namely this DASH promotion strategy.

There are three main factors:

1. The common interest effect.
An environment, where people bond with one activity or lifestyle, is always favourable for a new product introduction. Often practice demonstrates that inspiration of one or several persons is quite enough to attract others in a certain group. It happens since people trust each other and they are loyal mutually. They connect easier and ready to share thoughts. However, more valuable point is that they are often ready to follow their colleagues’ recommendations. Obviously, the sport sphere has got this factor well performed.

2. The hyper segmentation.
This is an actual tool for each good marketer today. It already proved its effectiveness. Therefore, we involve people to DASH community using careful targeting and spread our influence not throughout Russia in common but first of all among the certain community.

3. Our own sphere of influence.
During our long business activity we’ve gained huge base of customers and business partners. There are also athletes of high qualification in our list. They reached great sport achievements in Russian and International competitions. Starting with them we are going to realise our project.

How will our activity benefit DASH?
  1. DASH will obtain about 10-thousand audience via our promotion work within 3 months .
  2. New DASH members will be qualitatively informed and prepared to upcoming DASH Evolution. Supported by our enthusiasm, these people will become active DASH followers. They will also influence business and make it use DASH payment system.
  3. DASH will gain new investors. We are going to attract people who can also become efficient promoters too. DASH will get new ideas and proposals.
  4. DASH will get our team as long-term solid partner with rich experience in business and marketing on the Russian market.

Our concrete actions now.
  1. We are preparing 10 interviews for the first 3 months. Some of them is already done.
  2. We’re preparing a material for articles and short news about DASH. In total, we’re planning 36 publications for 3 months in Social Media.
  3. We’re doing DASH branding for a cycling team “Favorite”, Russia, Vyborg.
Upcoming races:
-The Main Spring Championship. Sochi, Russia ( April ‘18)
-International Race in Turku, Finland (04/20/18-04/22/18); Tampere, Finland (05/18/18-05/20/18).

We’re expecting for DASH supporting.
Our team is already in process to get this marketing concept realised.
Of course, we will be very glad to do it in collaboration with DASH.

Thank you very much for your attention.

Additional Information.
Our team consists of 5 people. Main 3 participants are:

  1. Aleksandr - an entrepreneur with 20-year experience in the banking sphere. He successfully runs a company that has been operating on the international market for many years.
  2. Anton – a Vice President of North-West Cryptocurrency and Blockchain system Association. He has over 10 years of experience in the banking sphere and especially in the financial consultation.
  3. Helena - an economist, a PhD holder in economic science. She is also a marketer with over 18 years of working in Sale and Marketing. Closing contracts is her real lifestyle. She is invited periodically to deliver lectures as a business master at one of the Universities in Saint-Petersburg.


About our speaker.

[email protected]
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Jul 12, 2015
I think Dash Sports funded organizations are inevitable. Russian coverage? - hmm, okay, but not just interviews, give us a good mix of content including charity events, sports quizzes (with dash prizes) and so on.

Helen Besedina

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Jan 31, 2018
Thank you for your careful comment. We're agree with the point that content is better to be mixed with diverse sport events. We've already got an arrangement with the cycling team " Favorite" ( Vyborg, Russia) to organize Scandinavian Racing in Spring 2018, supplied Dash attributes. The cyclists are going to be equipped with sport's apparel marked Dash logo. The items are in production process now. We'll be ready with it in 3 weeks. Two team buses and three cars are also will covered Dash logo on their body sides. We're following this team participating in international competitions and their achievements. Further with Dash supporting (we're hoping on) we will definitely spread our activity to other kinds of sport. I'm glad that we mutually agree that sport is very extensive and favorable environment for involving people to our Dash community. Thank you.


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Jul 14, 2014
I've met with this team in person and they sound quite promising to me...

They are still just going to find the most effective ways of operation - but I hope that their previous business experience will afford them to eliminate the number of unavoidable ineffective actions at start.
I plan to help this team also to achieve efficiency and sufficiency.

In general, it's a pleasure to see a growing and productive "competition" between several teams in "Russian" crypto(Dash)space - all of them have unique competences and different approaches - so I expect a kind of evolution from these teams in nearest future, including cooperations, mergers, ... IMO it's a right way of growing for local Dash movements - let's give them (in case of asked price will be reasonable...) a chance to prove the ability to be effective (or not)...
Jan 12, 2018
Caracas, Venezuela
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Hey guys, great proposal.

Although, I have a doubt. Are there any government imposed regulations about cryptos in Russia? Or plans for there to be?

Admittedly I dont know very much about the subject, but given the history record of the government it wouldn't seem so far fetched.

If you could please help clear this doubt I would be very greatful.


Helen Besedina

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Jan 31, 2018
Santos Bermudez Ruiz, thank you for your question. It's actual indeed!
Our government, I mean, the Ministry of Finance stated last October that they will have provided our country with first legislative acts according to cryptocurrency regulation by July 1st, 2018.
Today we have neither laws nor concrete prohibitions. Actually, we do have restrictions regarding to cryptocurrency circulation. Our governmental officials realise as politicians of other countries as well that blockchain and digital money era are innevitable. So, they started moving towards this new reality.
Santos Bermudez Ruiz, of course I agree with you sometimes gov. officials act slowly and conservatively. But not this time.
Besides, many cryptocurrency public organizations and associations are appearing in Russia now. They really influence social opinion and govermental attitude to digital money.
Our Ministry of Finance created an interagency working group on cryptocurrency last year.
Sberbank , the one of the strongest and almost governmental bank in Russia, has been already engaged in blokchein to implement it in its work.
So, we've got real examples of positive tendency in our country.
Therefore, based on trends I can say as an economist that we will have cryptocurrency legislation quit soon. )