Possible tv advert?


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May 26, 2014

Don't shoot me, but I don't know where this idea should go within the forum sections, so if a mod feels this is the wrong place please move it. :)

Right, I've either spent too long in the sun and thus my brain is fried or, I've had too much beer! Either way, I've just thought of an idea.

How can we get an advert put on tv for darkcoins? Surely if we all donated 1drk to the making of the advert we'd get a decent amount of coverage, and who knows.... Dare I say it... Adopters?

What you think?


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Apr 9, 2014
i think we are not ready for TV adverts !!!
PR is good, but we do NOT have to overtake ourselves !!
1st off everything has to be in place and 100% rolling (darksend + RC4 + anonymity 150%) and then maybe we could think about something like that.
But 1 DRK here, 1 DRK there would not cover it because a working campaign would have to be Bloomberg TV or such media to meet a professional clientele. (and that would be very expensive)
So lets stick to internet/ social media/ internet news pages and we take it from there ...>>

If you want to help and do good for DRK,
repost all the DRK news you see on your twitter/facebook/ google+ ..... >>
(spread the word)


May 26, 2014
Ahh finally a little confirmation on what I have been doing. I just think people don't understand and think I am crazy. The problem I am having is getting them to make the break from the legacy currency to just at least try. I got to make a video.