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Mar 23, 2017

I’m Mihkel, a Dash community member, i’ve been active with proposals in the past but mainly my focus has been on launching this product.


Previous successful proposals:
Today I am introducing something I’ve been working on for the past two years. It’s a POS system that answers a wide spread question in our crypto community: how to use crypto in real life? is a browser-based POS that works with every device that is connected to the Internet and has a browser. Dash is the default currency.

The following merchants are already using in Tallinn:
Pizza & Cannoli Vinotek
Grand Shisha Cocktail bar
Reval Denim Guild
Eros Sex Boutique
Ivo Prooman designer jewelry
And ~30 active but unknown clients who have registered with email.
The purpose of this proposal is to ask for financial support in order to cover some of the expenses and hire help.

Affiliate program
50% Commission - From each transaction - For the rest of the days.
You bring a new client, for example Pizza & Cannoli Vinotek, using the affiliate program.
A pizza that costs 10EUR, cost for merchant is 0.4%, you will earn 0.2% (in crypto)

My spendings in the past:

Development 19 months - 4500 EUR/month (85.500EUR - 1.315 DASH today)
(Office - 400 EUR ; Developer 4.100 EUR full-time)
More features coming out soon.

Return on Investment:
The greatest benefits for the community will be all the new Dash merchants!

What am I asking for?
Dash funding will hire 2 strong marketing persons for four months.
They convince merchants to use dash.
They will focus on Tallinn, Estonia.
They will put many new Dash merchants on the map with
I will use my own limited funds to create supportive video material but need help with paying the salesman.

38 DASH/month (4 months) 147 DASH Total
5 DASH - proposal fee
I would really appreciate if Dash community would help me with adoption.
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