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Mar 9, 2014
I just did my first video tutorial on how to update your masternode - without a protocol update. If there is a protocol update, like going from to, then you would have to download the newest wallet to your local machine, open it and restart your masternode which can be done in the console with walletpassphrase "whateveritis" 30 to unlock it for 30 seconds and masternode start "walletpassphrase"

Now if you go back to your remote wallet, you should be able to run darkcoind masternode debug and get "masternode started successfully" That's the only difference between a protocol update and a normal update, both require very little time.

Thanks for looking :)


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May 20, 2014
That's a really nice one!

I would suggest few micro-optimizations however:
1. you can run "chmod +x ./darkcoind" before moving it - less symbols to type...
2. once you stopped old darkcoind, you don't have to remove it - just move new darkcoind over the old one
3. you can set "daemon=1" in darkcoin.conf so you'll be able to run it in daemon mode simply by "darkcoind" (without "-daemon")
4. for protocol change you can simply do "masternode start WhatEverItIs" (no need to unlock it for 30 sec if you type your passphrase here) - again, less symbols to type ;)

Anyway, it's a great tutorial to show everyone who still doubt that it's that simple. And it's very "live" (not sure if I get the right word but I hope you understand), I really like it! :)
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