New Paypal commissions. Opportunity for Dash.

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Ezio Rojas

Feb 7, 2018
Dash Address
For those who use Paypal as a means of payment it is surely not news that from May 10 will charge new fees for all payments.

As established in the update of its policies, there will be a fixed fee of USD 4.99 for the realization of each payment made between the accounts.

This new policy represents an important impact because they had never charged such high fees on this platform.

I'm sure there will be many who will emigrate from Paypal for these high commissions.

This is precisely where a good opportunity for Dash comes in and for many people to start adopting them.
Personally, I think that freelancers and small businesses (some of the main groups that use Paypal more) may be the most affected by these new policies but I also think that they may be more interested in adopting Dash as a form of payment.

What do you think we could do from Dash with this opportunity?
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