New Hackernoon Article: How To Make Money in a DAO

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Mar 5, 2017

As part of my doubling down writing efforts, which are now more focused on contributing my Dash articles to Hackernoon, due to the large readership of 125,000 and growing rapidly, here's my latest article that provides constructive advice to those who are interested in contributing to the Dash DAO. Special emphasis is paid to the current proposals for improvement, by the website.

I'm going to niche down on the topic of DAOs, since my most popular Dash article to date is, How To Get Funded By a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. There still exists very little super detailed info on the concept of DAOs, so I plan on creating niche articles that explore this in depth.

I am focused on creating ultra high quality articles that are subtle in nature as opposed to an in-your-face-dash-is-the-best-rah!-rah! style that is a turn-off to most sane people on the planet. By utilizing a more neutral approach, a better trust relationship is formed with my readers. This has been the strategy I have always used, and one that has yielded wild success for me personally, monetarily and professionally.

Here's the latest:

I'm open to your ideas on how to gain even more exposure and I'm considering networking with VentureBeat authors, in getting mine to wider circulation, outside of the insular crypto world....mainstream, baby.
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