WTS Microsoft Windows 8.1 - CD & CD Key - Brand New OEM

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May 25, 2014
Each one of these guys had Windows 8.1:

I've sold the farm now and I'm left with 30 of these:

They are brand new, un-opened, just used the CD Key on the front cover as I built each rig from an image.

I can send you the CD Key for 30 DRK, for 35 DRK I can post you the CD as well.

Since the rigs, I have not used these licenses for anything else, so you just need to call Microsoft Support and tell them you're installing this OS in another computer. I did it all the time when I swapped motherboards and hard disks on my rigs, the whole process takes 5-10 minutes and no personal information is exchanged.

Any questions, drop me a line...
Not open for further replies.