MeetUp at Cucuta Colombia Dash give You a free Coffe


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Apr 13, 2017
Cucuta Colombia
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Hi guys of the DASH community, my name is Vakano and next to my friend JZA, we have pushed DASH in our program and thanks to the success of Dash in Cancun, we want to emulate their success of DASH for Drinks that Bitcuners did several months back along with the Bitcuners community. We want to do it here in Cucuta, Colombia.

We have been doing Bitcoin events with up to 70 people each, thanks to the support of CriptoOffice in Cucuta, we want the community to help promote the adoption of DASH, with the Dash for Drink program and help people learn about the benefits of this criptocurrency.
Why Cucuta?

Cucuta is a border city with Venezuela where is a time when millions of Venezuelans have the chance to approach with their cryptocurrencies and buy food and services and with the big advantage that it wont only benefit Colombians but also venezuelans. I’ll leave you some pictures from our last Bitcoin meetup organized by us on September 13th.

The proposal would be for three months with 4 meetups per month to talk and learn about DASH. We aiming for a requirement of 15 DASH for 3 months so that people will assist the event buy coffee and other products from the menu of the restaurant, the expense will be given back in DASH.

The event already has been replicated in Medellin by Edward from with great success and would be also assisting to a couple of events to share his experience with DASH and

Why i need 15 DASH for 3 Months

Each moth is 5 DASH

We plan made 4 meetup per moth every Wednesday at 4pm to 6pm
each coffee round is like 3 Usd or 8500 COP This mean We are ready for around host 130 People per each meetup the place have room for max 150 people.

I show the picture of some Bitcoin events we host for free at this place.


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