May 2016 Monthly Budget Report


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Mar 9, 2014
Sorry this is a bit late! The budget was successfully finalized and looks good for our upcoming superblocks. No further action is required. Thanks!


The May budget cycle is nearly here, so I wanted to once again summarize the core team budget proposals and the current budget based on today’s voting. The next superblock is scheduled for block 465248, which should occur this Friday, May 6th. If you have not already done so, please submit your votes.

Progress for 12.1 is ongoing and our estimate for the live testnet phase is sometime between May 10th and May 17th. We expect testing to be for about 2 months, then we'll rollout the new version. 12.1 will contain a much improved budget system and evolution network primates for creating users and groups.

Previous Core Team Budget Items:

Core Team Budget - 1,176 Dash (ongoing)
Dash-Lamassu ATM Integration - 610.26 DASH (payment #5 of 12)
Public Awareness Campaign (repurposed toward fiat gateways project starting in April) - 2,156 DASH (ongoing)
Evolution Specification & Development - 150 Dash (payment #2 of 3)
Electrum Maintenance - 45.80 Dash (payment #2 of 3) December Payment Replacement - 701.67 Dash (payment #2 of 3)

New Core Team Budget Items:

Reimbursement for Acquisition & Setup of Dashtalk Link

This proposal is actually the second attempt to obtain reimbursement for the costs of acquiring and migrating Dashtalk over to Dash ownership. We are resubmitting the proposal for a few reasons, and this time it is fortunately receiving a high degree of support:

1) The proposal actually received enough net votes to receive funding (at ~14% net votes), but was not included in the budget because of lack of available budget. The May budget appears much more capable of providing funding, with far fewer competing proposals.

2) Many community members on the forums expressed support for the proposal, but voted against it because they wanted to make sure Dash World funded in the April budget, or felt that we were submitting too late in the budget cycle. Many encouraged us to resubmit the proposal for May and would reverse their votes to YES.

3) With higher support expected for May, we believe resubmitting would best express the wishes of the community to own Dashtalk. Otherwise, we would again be in a situation where our primary communication channel was in the hands of individuals.

Liquidity Providers v2 Link

Unfortunately, the original Liquidity Provider proposal has failed to fund for the past couple of months, putting these services at risk. One of the recent sources of objection to the proposal is the cost. Since the proposal was first created, the price of Dash has increased over 200%, so the cost concern is valid. To address this concern and return the proposal to funded status, we are resubmitting the Liquidity Providers proposal for the next two months to replace the existing proposal, adjusted for the current price. After two months, we should be on the new budget system. The new adjusted amount requested is 46.37 Dash per month for May and June.

Dash Electrum Masternode / Trezor Support Link

We have reached an agreement with Mazaclub - the vendor responsible for the Electrum wallet - to integrate support for masternode commands into the Electrum wallet and for the Trezor hardware wallet. In response to demand from masternode owners, this solution will provide much stronger security for increasingly valuable masternode private keys with the Trezor device.

Other community proposals for May:
Dash World: Evolution in Marketing V.2
Liquidity Provider reimbursement proposal

Complete Budget (as of current voting rank):

Note: USD conversion in the table assumes conversion rates noted in the new budget proposals (at the time they were submitted to the network). Core team budgets with durations over 12 months assume a USD exchange rate of $6.78 as of May 2nd. Existing fixed-duration budgets use the exchange rate at the time of creation / approval. Exchange rate risk is carried only by the proposer of these budget proposals and not by the network.


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Dash Core Team
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May 11, 2014
@eduffield Thanks for the detailed update; and thanks for listening to masternode owners on Trezor. I hope we can have a long term relationship with Mazaclub that helps both of us grow.



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Mar 9, 2014
Just wanted to say great work and cant wait to jump back into 12.1 testing, I love the excitement and the collaboration that brings the community back together!!

We should make a big announcement to ensure everyone knows about it - the more testers the better!


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Apr 9, 2014
Just wanted to say great work and cant wait to jump back into 12.1 testing, I love the excitement and the collaboration that brings the community back together!!

We should make a big announcement to ensure everyone knows about it - the more testers the better!
lets wait until we have a fixed date for TestNet start
and sure thing we will let everybody know !
no worries ;)


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Apr 16, 2014
Oh man can wait foe testnet :D So much fun