WTS Masternode 10% share

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Mar 9, 2014
I don't have a lot of disposable income right now but I'd like to get a Masternode up and running, just need another 100 DASH.

If someone is interested in putting up the 100 DASH I will run the Masternode and send you the 10% of the Masternode payments after the Masternode is paid. I hope to do it as soon as possible and should be able to do it within 24 hours usually but I'll aim for a maximum of 48 hours (to account for being away from the PC some weekends). You can withdraw whenever you want but obviously I would prefer someone who would be willing to leave the funds in the Masternode for as long as possible, in order for us both to continue receiving payments.

I've been a member here since March 2014 though I'm more active on BCT (as patrolman as well) and I have some experience running Masternodes.
Not open for further replies.