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Jul 5, 2022
Hello Dash Community !

This is Yung and Milena, we are from Jardim/MS (Brazil). Although our profile is new here on the forum, we have known and followed Dash since 2016.
We live in a region of great tourist relevance in our state, for weeks we have been working on a marketing strategy to introduce Dash to our regional community, Pantanal. Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil.

Our proposal is open to suggestions! Every idea and collaboration will be very welcome!


This material is a Digital Marketing proposal for Dash Community.

We begin by presenting who we are, our academic background and experiences. We understand that our ideas cover and contemplate necessary and sufficient knowledge about the financial market, cryptocurrencies and the fundamental pillars of digital marketing, which is effectively carried out through the appropriate use of language.

In a second moment, we point out which region we live in and what is the relevance of this within the project. Subsequently, the justifications, objectives, strategies, as well as the budget, schedule and goals. Finally, we list reasons why Dash can trust and should approve our project.


We are a Brazilian couple - Yung Machado and Milena Locatelli - and the adjective we use to define us is authority. Together, we form a team that combines experience with the financial market and academic training in the area of languages an essential aspect for working with marketing.

Yung, 30, engineer, entrepreneur, stock and commodities trader for 3 years, blockchain technology enthusiast, has been following the crypto market since 2016 and since then has studied and followed several Blockchain projects. Has a well knowledge of the international financial system and various financial markets, including the Crypto Assets market, which has been his focus of study for the last 3 years. Knows and follows Dash Blockchain news since 2016.

Milena, 28, graduated in Letters from the State University of Mato Grosso do Sul (UEMS), with a degree in English, 6 years of experience in teaching a foreign language in the classroom, Postgraduate in Special and Inclusive Education (UNIASSELVI), Specialization in teaching in higher, technical and scientific education by the Federal Institute of Mato Grosso do Sul (IFMS), as well as research developed and presented during and after training, published articles, participation in events.

In view of the curriculum presented, we would like to highlight two issues: copywriting and fluency in English. The first is that in order to develop a clear, coherent and persuasive work, it is essential to have mastery of linguistic concepts. The second is that we observe that there is little Dash's marketing material produced in Portuguese.

Although the quality is unquestionable, the percentage of Brazilians who understand English is minimal, so it is relevant to translate or adapt this content to the language spoken here. In addition to that, the creation of new content in Portuguese can also reach other native nations of this language, such as: Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Equatorial Guinea, Mozambique, etc.


Our residence is located in Jardim, a city that is part of a tourist complex next to two other municipalities in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, Bodoquena and Bonito. The state stands out for activities such as agriculture, livestock, agro-industry and tourism. According to statistics in May 2022, tourism, called the clean industry, disclosed 4% of the entire Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the State, valued at R$ 106 billion, with the most recent data from 2019. Within this context, the economic activity moves around R$ 4 billion and follows the path to try to expand.

We cannot fail to mention that the soap opera “Pantanal”, broadcast in prime time, record audience, is produced and broadcast by the largest Brazilian broadcaster: Rede Globo. Elected as the best communication vehicle in 2021, which reinforces the power of influence of the channel that refers to advertising. In other words, it is essential to recognize the visibility of our region.

We will give events to tourism due to the high demand from foreigners. Surveys show that ecotourism was in second place in the preference of unique and foreigners, behind the beach segment, and Mato Grosso do Sul destinations, especially Bonito and Pantanal, appear only among the most sought after. South America is the main source of foreign visitors to Brazil, followed by Europe and North America.

Given this, we have a potential market. The international tourist will be able to dispense with the need to exchange his currency for the real, as he uses an internationally accepted currency: Dash CryptoCurrency. From this perspective, one of the focuses of this marketing proposal is on converting merchants (agencies, hotels, restaurants, self-employed professionals) into new adepts.

To finish this topic, it should be highlighted a common aspect between the mentioned region, internationally recognized as an ecotourism pole, and Dash's eco-friendly posture, for example, by using less energy resources when compared to Bitcoin. Such a feature would contribute to the promotion, locally and internationally, of cryptocurrency as it reinforces the interest in causing less environmental impact.


More investment in marketing is needed.

When looking at the graph of the price movement of DASH/USD in the Bull Market of 2017, there is a correlation with the number of Google* searches for “Dash Cryptocurrency”, which supports the idea that there was a lower demand on Crypto - and this has a direct impact on the price, since, in theory, its price is directly correlated to Demand versus Supply. In this way, we can consider that the visibility achieved in the years 2016 to 2018 is directly related to the fact that more material was produced and disseminated. We emphasize, therefore, that Marketing is fundamental for DASH, as it can help to maintain healthier price levels, and thus, more cash for new investments and network development.

  • Increase DASH Exposure in Brazil and Latin America;
  • Create educational content, with accessible language, of high quality on social media, in Portuguese, explaining with: videos, animations, or infographics everything about Dash Blockchain, its functionalities and technological advantages over other Altcoins (efficiency, scalability, security and privacy);

  • Communicate existing and future DASH technologies in an easy and understandable way (Dash Platform);

  • Explain about the financial system, about the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies and why the macroeconomic fundamentals are favorable for joining the Dash cryptocurrency and the DeFi savings system (Staking in the wallet, or another trustless options);
  • Convert traders in the tourism sector (agencies, hotels, restaurants, professionals) into new supporters.

  • Broad target audience aimed at digital media;
  • Publicity supports: Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and YouTube;
  • Copywriting: Production of articles and persuasive materials for dissemination;
  • Production of educational videos (could be documentary, animation or infographics) following trends on social network;

  • Publication of educational articles promoting Dash on the main news sites related to Cryptocurrency Dash in Brazil and worldwide (Cointelegraph, Coindesk, Investing, among others);
    and infographics, following trends in social networks;
  • Publication of comparative studies of Dash with competing projects, demonstrating the advantages of Dash Blockchain;
  • Publication of articles exemplifying the real functionalities of the Dash Platform;
  • Demonstration through videos or infographics of how Dash Blockchain technology is superior to Bitcoin in technological and practical ways;
  • Dash's strategic exposure in digital media - creating partnerships with influencers and marketers;
  • Dash's physical exposure in regions of greater State relevance, in public, strategic and high-traffic places (Outdoors);
  • Production and dissemination of printed educational materials about Dash Blockchain;
  • Raffles in prizes and in Dash to attract followers, where they can arouse interest in discovering and learning about the advantages of the DASH Blockchain;

6. BUDGET | Material production fase | August – October 2022
  • Compensation for Marketing Team (3 people): 50 Dash
  • Equipment/Materials/Platforms: 10 Dash
  • Content Translation: 20 Dash
  • Independent Marketing Services: 20 Dash
  • Prizes and sweepstakes: 5 Dash
  • Cashier (for extra costs): 5 Dash
  • Proposal reimbursement: 2 Dash

  • TOTAL: $112 Dash/month


At the end of this proposal, we demonstrate that we will work with a lean team, seeking efficiency and work in an intelligent way, exposing Dash to new markets: the regional public, little or never exposed to cryptocurrencies.

Brazil is a country with a history of economic mismanagement and price hyperinflation in the 80s and 90s, having gone through no less than 5 hyperinflated currencies, such as: Cruzeiro (1984); Cruzado (1986); Cruzado Novo (1989); Cruzeiro (1990); Cruzeiro Real (1993) and currently, the currency (Real, 1994) has already devalued 85% since its launch. Given this scenario, we will address this in an educational manner on how Dash will be able to provide a Hedge, Alternative Currency and/or DeFi Savings for anyone who wants to learn about it. We thus reinforce two fundamental points to be addressed: a work that promotes financial education and demystifies cryptocurrencies.

In this perspective, we believe that a serious and quality EDUCATIONAL Marketing, demonstrating the potential of Dash, can contribute significantly to the development of the network.

Furthermore, this Marketing proposal is open to suggestions from the Dash community, and the marketing strategies described may receive improvements and increments as the work progresses.


  • We will create original content in the Portuguese language, spoken by more than 280 million people;

  • Mato Grosso do Sul has a total of 2.62 million people, with Bonito and Jardim (where we are located) comprising one of the main centers of international ecotourism. In a pessimistic scenario, where only 5% of this audience develops a real interest in Dash, there is a potential audience of 130,000 people. If we consider the total annual cost against this target, we have a conversion fee of only 0.35 USD Cents per person;

  • We believe that MARKETING is what the network needs, even more so right now. We know that Dash has a real potential to return to the ranking of the Top 10 Cryptocurrencies in global capitalization*, as the DASH Blockchain has proven itself over time, we believe that initiatives like ours can contribute in a relevant way to the entire network;
  • When searching for Dash in the search engines of the sites: Coindesk, Investing and Cointelegraph - which are the main news sites related to cryptocurrencies and digital assets, little important content is reported about Dash, and much less about the Dash Platform . We want to change that, because one of the focuses of this project will be to submit quality articles to these digital publishers;

  • The team's failure would not bring significant negative financial results, due to the low percentage (1.6%) in relation to the total annual budget. However, success could bring exponentially positive results for the entire network, as we will create quality educational content, explaining Dash's current and future technology and technological solutions, in an easy and simple way that anyone can understand;
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Jul 12, 2015
As with all newcomers to the dash proposal system, you're going to have an easier time if you provide sample material e.g. your presentation skills in a video or previous written articles etc. On the face of it though, I would give this a chance by voting Yes.

I would ask, however, that where possible, you could also translate your work into European Portuguese. I understand some of your material is tourism related and therefore not appropriate, but other material might be worth considering (articles, booklets etc). My hope is, such material would encourage other european Portuguese projects. Given the tax friendly situation in Portugal (for now at least), and given the attractive lifestyle it offers to retirees and digital nomads alike, I hope you give this some thought.