Looking for help/advice on how to get my Dash website finished before launch this year


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Jun 4, 2015
So I created cryptomapa.co in spanish, the english version is on its way but currently running into roadblocks in the design look, chat/support system, uploader system, and few other minor issues. I'm trying to make it as professional as possible.

I'm not sure how many web devs are on this Dash forum, but any advice/help on the points below would be appreciated, current issues:

- Chat/Support system looking for one that is easy to use, great design for wordpress
- A file uploader that is fast, looks great, this will be on the frontend of the site as a wordpress plugin
- There are a few design issues on the frontend that I don't know how to fix
- Any ideas to improve the site are welcome

I was thinking about creating a proposal to help my project with funding, but no idea who to go to in order to understand the process better.
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