Liberty Forum Sponsorship and Dash Exclusivity


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Sep 6, 2016

Sponsorship of the New Hampshire Liberty Forum, including several speaking slots, a Dash giveaway to attendees, and, most importantly, the dropping of Bitcoin as a payment option for tickets and the exclusive addition of Dash.

About Liberty Forum

The New Hampshire Liberty Forum is one of two yearly events held by the Free State Project and covers a wide variety of liberty-oriented topics, including cryptocurrency, online privacy, and internet freedom. Past speakers have included Edward Snowden, Rick Falkvinge, Patrick Byrne, Lyn Ulbricht, Jeffrey Tucker, and others known in the libertarian and cryptocurrency community.

Liberty Forum is a catalyst for the Free State movement (and its associates around the world), which is one of the planet’s most cryptocurrency-friendly, including the town of Portsmouth which claims more than one Dash-accepting business per 1,000 people. The community also claims several who work full-time for Dash, including at least two Core team members.

Liberty Forum has been at the forefront of the cryptocurrency revolution, and has accepted Bitcoin as a payment option for tickets since 2011. However, due to the Bitcoin network’s increasingly high fees and transaction times, as well as the strength of the local Dash community, the event organizers have offered to drop Bitcoin as a payment option and exclusively accept Dash!

Benefit to the Dash community

The New Hampshire cryptocurrency community is one of the world’s strongest and oldest, with many big industry players as early participants, including Erik Voorhees, Charlie Shrem, Gavin Andresen, Zach and Josh Harvey, Amanda B. Johnson, and others. Notably, “Bitcoin Jesus” Roger Ver first heard about Bitcoin on New Hampshire-based radio show Free Talk Live, which is presently sponsored by Dash and has then gone on to host many significant cryptocurrency figures including Evan Duffield.

Specifically, New Hampshire’s community focuses extensively on using cryptocurrency as digital cash rather than simply a speculative investment, and it has consistently been one of the few places on Earth you can currently live entirely off of cryptocurrency. Securing Dash exclusivity for Free State Project events, as well as presenting in a comprehensive manner on why Dash stands out in an increasingly crowded field of digital currencies vying for attention, can have a major impact in demonstrating to the world how Dash is the best peer-to-peer digital cash there is.

Additionally, Liberty Forum presents an opportunity to demonstrate a cryptocurrency ecosystem in action to attendees. The vast majority of vendors have accepted Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the past, and there is a high probability that nearly all conference vendors will accept Dash. Hundreds of attendees will be set up with their first Dash wallet and will be able to instantly spend Dash at the conference, demonstrating its effectiveness as a superior payment system.

About Me

My name is Joel Valenzuela and I am a Dash Force partner and the chief editor of Dash Force News. I have spoken at numerous conferences in the past including past Liberty Forums and the Porcupine Freedom festival, and have presented about Dash specifically at the Texas Bitcoin Conference, the regional European Students for Liberty conference in Vienna, and the Freecoast Festival.

Funding and Offering Breakdown

Note: USD prices use the BitInfoCharts 30-day moving average price of $905.


Platinum Sponsorship ($10k):

Speaking slot

Two breakout sessions

Dinner hosting opportunity

Vending table

Both Coffee Hours ($1.5k)

Will include a sign to the effect of “Dash: still good for buying coffee”


Promotional materials and swag for distribution to ticket holders and for the Dash table ($2k)


1 Dash split among all-inclusive ticket holders

Proposal fee reimbursment:

5 Dash


21 Dash

Liberty Forum will drop Bitcoin as a payment option for tickets, add Dash as the sole cryptocurrency option, and publicly explain why the switch was made.

Vendors will be encouraged to take Dash and directed to resources for getting set up to accept Dash payments, and informed that attendees will be given free Dash that can be spent at vendor booths.

What if the price of Dash changes?

In the unlikely event that the price of Dash drops below the quoted 30-day moving average, the giveaway amount will be reduced to a minimum of $5 and limited to all-inclusive ticket holders. Any loss beyond that will be covered by personal finances.

In the (more likely) event that the price is higher than the presently quoted moving average, the giveaway dollar amount will be increased within reason, and will be expanded to random members of general admission ticket holders who visit the Dash table, up to including every attendee. If the surplus of funds available exceeds what can be used at this event to maximize value to the Dash network, the remainder will be put towards the sponsorship of a future conference such as the Porcupine Freedom Festival.
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Dec 4, 2017
Caracas, Venezuela
I think this could work. What do you think about Charlie Shreem? I asked you this because my brother told me that in Discord Dash channel someone told him thtat Charlie didn´t deliver the project he supposed to launch with the money allocated him to work with.

I don´t know if I´m talking nonsenses, but I would like to knoe your opinion about it.


PS: wish you luck!!
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Dec 2, 2017
I would love to attend. When is the next one and what is the ticket price?


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Sep 6, 2016
I would love to attend. When is the next one and what is the ticket price?
February 8-10. Tickets are $129-289 depending on general admission or all-inclusive (VIP) tickets. I will have a few tickets available if this passes, they're included in the sponsorship, so I'll maybe do a giveaway after everyone required to staff the event gets one.


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Nov 22, 2017
Seeing New Hampshire's strong cryptocurrency community always motivates me to continually work towards creating a stronger community in my local area. Keep up the progress!