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Johnny Apple seeding- Part 1- Venezuela

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Tanner, Mar 25, 2017.

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    Mar 24, 2017
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    Johnny Apple seeding- Part 1- Venezuela

    Development and infrastructure obviously comes above all, but it seems there are funds in need of a home. I have an investment/marketing proposal.

    First off I’d like to state my opinion which is that money is a product. Banks sell money. It’s a product. A business looks at the market and evaluates the possible demand for their product. If there is a demand the business goes there and fills the demand. The product must prove it’s better than something else in the consumers eyes in order to be successful. The company invests in where there is demand to solve a problem.

    Venezuela is the perfect investment for Dash. Above 800% inflation, cut off from the world currency wise, shortages of every kind, the average person has lost 20lbs since the crisis, people with epilepsy just sit in hospital rooms having seizures one after another because there’s no medicine. Not trying to pull on heart strings to guilt charity out of people, I’m demonstrating demand.

    Venezuela has bandwidth, and computers. Dash has egalitarian mining. It has instant/private send. Dash has businesses/infrastructure that accepts Dash operating within the country (cryptobuyer), and is easily exchangeable for bitcoin which also has some businesses/infrastructure in Brazil, and now on large exchanges with access to stable currency. It would be wise to target a specific area within a country. The problem…. Nobody knows about our product.

    I propose to set up a Venezuelan Dash Drop Package to a specific city. The conceptual process is as follows,

    1. Set up a website for Dash’s usage in Spanish especially for this program to educate people on Dash. What Dash is, how it works and the infrastructure . This website has a quiz in which people need to pass. Once a person takes a quiz on how it all works and passes so that they know what Dash is and exactly what it is that's happening their wallet gets 10-20$ of Dash. A Let’s keep in mind 10-20$ is 1-2 weeks salary for a university teacher there, so this program would appeal to working professionals at that price.

    2. There would need to be to be a distribution qualification system. I would like to target people in a specific area to start to let an ecosystem take hold. Such a distribution system would require people to skype in on their Johnny apple seed account with an ID and proof of residence in hand (water bill, electric bill).

    3. Set up a virtual freelancer services site so that people can purchase Dash with services rendered/work. People stuck in that kind of currency peg can’t export items in order to get currency because they get paid at a silly pegged rate that’s a 1/50th of reality. They can only export virtual labor.

    I feel like there are diminishing returns on how much Dash can be marketed to the crypto community. Dash should to do something that only Dash can do. Be organized, and get things done.

    Targeting key consumers who are genuinely in need of this technology and showing real world usage would make the crypto world take it seriously and be more receptive to integration. It can turn heads, get press and solve problems. Bitcoin has helped a little in Venezuela however the heavy Bitcoin mining has been non-sense because of the obscene amount of energy used in a country which has rolling blackouts. It’s transaction fees are enough to amount to a days work or a days wait for a Venezuelan. In a country full of scams. It’s hard to make the leap. Bitcoin lights a candle in the dark and waits for the world to see it.

    500,000$/10$= 50,000 People with the potential to be using Dash as Digital Cash in the real world, for work, online and mining. That’s a whole city. People just don’t understand and trust digital currency until they use it, myself included. Yhea, sure people most people are probably just going to sell the Dash for something abroad that they need and thank their lucky stars for a freebie, then what? People start talking… It starts sinking in…. Selling someone on crypto in Venezuela is like selling cigarettes to a kid. You got em hooked for life and with the low price point of getting people to learn what dash is and the fact that it actually solves a problem would yield more than 10-20$ overtime.

    This Johnny Apple seeding infrastructure that needs to be created can be utilized as a running program for targeting specific emerging markets. Johnny Apple seed here for a month or two and let things sink in… Go somewhere else for a month or two then come back and do another round, and so on. If this framework were utilized and had Bitcoin’s market cap, Dash would have the marketing power to Johnny Appleseed enough people in a multiple countries like Venezuela to having it become a real household name in countries around the world.

    This would be running program would also stop “why not spend the money, it’ll just go to waste otherwise”

    This is just a framework for a discussion. Once I get some feedback I'll put a formal proposal. To be clear I would take a one time fee for setting up the necessary infrastructure and content creation (to be floated to the community first). This also isn’t an ask for a specific amount, my thoughts are for it to just be for leftover funds without a useful home and shake the “alt coin”/”scam coin” reputation by solving real problems.