Job Offer - YouTube Channel


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May 11, 2014
As some of you may know, I am starting a new YouTube channel focused on crypto investment, with a bent on altcoins. This will be done professionally and on a full time basis. The reason for my post is that I am looking for someone who can help with online marketing, and more importantly, to help put together sponsorships to bootstrap the project.

The position is for 20% equity to start with, as I am bootstrapping this on my own. This is no pie in the sky however, my most recent project, an automated trading tool, netted in the six figures over a short period of time, I have experience with scaling and community management. I would love to work with one of you guys.

The core requirement is that you can prove to me you are a decent marketer, but you definitely have to be a consummate salesman. Previous YouTube experience preferred, but not mandatory. This is a part time position but there will be milestones you will be expected to meet.

I already have 7 scripts written and the intro video filmed.

Feel free to drop me a PM.