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Aug 4, 2014

ixSlot.com - every second wins!
The First Instant & Private online luck game

We are proudly presenting www.ixslot.com beta release, the first of many future games which are going to be developed exclusively for DASH !

No need for making any account on ixSlot, just please take some(instant) time and try your luck in 100% fair luck game.

How to play?

ixSlot is very easy to play. One Slot game contains only two steps:

  • Enter your payout address - the address that will be used to send you the winnings
  • Send DASH via InstantX to your dedicated unique deposit address using your Dash Wallet - amount of dash you have to send is 0.1 at the moment, but we plan on offering more options later.

NOTE: We accept normal transactions as well, but you would have to wait until it is confirmed.
You will be automatically added to the last non-finished Slot, or if all Slots are finished, new one will be created.

NOTE: If you deposit more money than required before your first Slot has finished, new one will be created and you will be added there. You can’t be in the same Slot with the same payout address, since this would lower your chances for earning money and we still want to let you play more Slots at the same time.
Once the Slot has finished you will be sent winnings. The Slot view will be updated with the amount of money each player won.

How much do I win?

At the moment only one Slot type exists, that is:
  • Slot needs 10 players to start
  • It costs 0.1 DASH to enter the Slot
  • Total DASH in play is 0.1 X 10 players = 1.00 DASH
  • 1% goes to Weekly Jackpot
  • 5% goes to house
  • 94% is distributed to players
  • Winning percentages 94% of total DASH in play for players are distributed:
    [30, 20, 17, 15, 12, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0];

    In other words if you play with 0.1 DASH:
    1st place wins 0.3 DASH;
    2nd wins 0.2 DASH;
    3rd wins 0.17 DASH;
    4th wins 0.15 DASH;
    5th wins 0.12 DASH;
    6th - 10th wins nothing.

Is it fair?

We are using random.org to generate winning permutations. Random.org seed is created in a following way:
  • Take the first two letters of the slot id
  • Take the first two letters of each payout address in the game and append them in order they have joined the game
  • Append 0
When the last player joins, append the transaction id of the payment - this ensures that winning permutation can’t be predicted before the last payment has been processed. Therefore players can check if the transaction id was in the next block and also go to Random.org link that is provided in the Slot view and check if the permutation is correct

Should you have any suggestions, feel free to drop us your thoughts by replying to this thread or sending us an email at [email protected].

Our goal is to promote DASH’s power of privaTX & InstanTX, and we hope that we can do it through the lottery games.

Kind regards,
Instant & Private Gaming Dev Team
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Apr 2, 2016
Thank you for the reply. Your opinion that it is legit means a lot to us.

We are generating the seed for random org by using slot id (first two letter), concatenation of first two letters of payout addresses and transaction id of the payment made by the last player. Therefore the permutation and verification is totally out of our hands.

We are still trying to figure out what is the best UX for the game and yet have to decide how to choose a winner for weekly JACKPOT.

We are aiming to build a number of Instant & Private games in DASH ecosystem, as DASH will spread outside of community once the ecosystem has production real products. We hope others would try to develop their own games on the same pattern. It will be good for all.


Mar 9, 2014
We continued to develop this code, now with instantsend its working like rocket :)

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