In-Flight Media Campaign Update


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Aug 2, 2017
Hey everyone,

We wanted to give you all an official update on our Airline In-Flight Media Campaign. October marked the first month of the Dash ad airing, and it aired on United Airlines and Virgin America Airlines. There have already been tweets and reddit posts regarding seeing the Dash ad airing on flights. There was even an article on written about the Campaign airing.

Other updates & highlights include:
  • Official Proof of Performance documentation has been received from both airlines for October’s run, and they have been posted here for viewing. We will continue to post those documents as we receive them from the Airlines each month.
  • The Total Reach for this entire In-Flight Media Campaign is estimated to be over 22 million people across American Airlines, United Airlines, and Virgin America Airlines flights.

  • We have reached a negotiation with a new Airline and we plan to release the details in a future proposal.

This schedule has been secured and fully funded. The Dash In-Flight Media Campaign Schedule is as follows:

October: Virgin America Airlines, United Airlines

November: Virgin America Airlines, American Airlines

December: Virgin America Airlines, American Airlines

January 2018:
Virgin America Airlines, American Airlines, United Airlines

February 2018:
Virgin America Airlines, American Airlines, United Airlines

March 2018:
Virgin America Airlines

April 2018: Virgin America Airlines

May 2018: Virgin America Airlines

We are excited and optimistic about the far-reaching impact of this Dash Campaign and appreciate your continued support!


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Apr 9, 2014
this is super cool
i read a couple of articles about this and wish i would be surprised by a Dash commercial on a US flight
any chance u guys can get a video from a flight ? - show plane inside - pan over to TV screen - see commercial running !?
would love it ;)
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