Hybrid Stock Exchange releases it's trailer


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May 8, 2017
As we all know that the Hybrid Stock Exchange is in the process of blockchain integration, as trailer was recently released youtube.com/watch?v=H1u1JRqpg-k and a placeholder on their website hybse.com/, all these were included in this update: medium.com/welcome-to-dimcoin/hybse-trailer-is-here-12be44745d25. The landing page will following soon and hopefully the beta testing sometime in June.

For those who don't know
what HYBSE is, here is simple introduction of HYBSE is and what it does:

Hybrid Stock Exchange is an online stock exchange platform that ofers small and medium enterprises (SMEs) a platform where they can seek and access international capital from investors. Users can trade cryptonised currencies, securities and commodities. With HYBSE’s programming, the latest technology was fused with the wishes of ordinary traders and brokers. HYBSE is currently migrating to the blockchain protocol, since it has decided to conduct trading through cryptocurrencies. The mainstream equity markets are defined by over-regulation, red-tape, excessive fees and long waiting periods before trading can commence. Trading on the
platform can be done p2p, eliminating the need for too many external intermediaries.

The DIM Currencies are recognised and permitted as a medium of exchange on the platform. Issuers will have their securities cryptonised by HYBSE before they are listed. Cryptonised instruments will be transferred to DEPOTWALLET addresses allowing users to trade. HYBSE will also decryptonise shares when it is in the best interest of the DIM Ecosystem. The steps, means and costs of decryptonising can be viewed on the HYBSE website.

A brief overview of HYBSE and the DIM Ecosystem:

The DIM Ecosystem offers services such as cryptonisation (virtualization) of equity, trading in cryptonised shares and assets, cryptocurrency exchanges, crypto-fiat currency exchanges, e-commerce, debit card purchases, business transactions, and commodity trading.

HYBSE is part of the DIM Ecosystem and will allow trading of stocks, commodities, securities etc. on the blockchain.

SME's can register to get their ibin.io and list their assets on HYBSE.

Big things are about to happen for all the DIM holders.