How Dash Can Revolutionize Sports, Art, and Charity

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Mark Mason

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Feb 24, 2017
How Dash Can Revolutionize Sports, Art, and Charity

Before breaking into the budding cryptocurrency industry, I had a decade-long professional career in the nonprofit world, mostly focused around educational and ideological organizations. Most of my time there was spent in fundraising, acting as the go-between for donors seeking to do good, and those actually doing the good. Over time I was struck by the oddness and inefficiency of my job description, the person that actually makes the money and enables the good to be done, taking up considerable resources just trying to get the funds so that a portion could arrive at their final destination.

Fundraisers and development departments are a crucial part of the present nonprofit system, however I became interested in how this setup could be revolutionized to cut out the middlemen as much as possible, and this led me to cryptocurrency. I came to realize that Dash in particular had a lot of promise for absolutely upending the world of donation- or promotion-based activities where the producer of the social good customers want can’t effectively self-fund.

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Justin Cook

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Mar 14, 2018
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