Happy Birthday, Mr. Juggernaut

Aug 27, 2016

Get all that's new in Dash news: headlines, developments, price movements, network stats, and more. Host Amanda B. Johnson brings you DASH: Detailed.

We're about two weeks out from the release of 12.1, Dash got a lot of grassroots coverage in the media this week, and also it turned three years old -- happy 3rd birthday Dash network!

Hi, I'm Amanda B. Johnson and you're watching DASH: Detailed.

Let's get started with Dash in the News, shall we?

The Merkle mentioned Dash in an article entitled “The Five Hottest Cryptocurriencies Right Now.”

Youtuber Tommy Economics published a video describing how his ideal cryptocurrency would look a lot like Dash.

The Future Tech Podcast interviewed Node40's Perry Wooden about masternode maintenance.

Dash's director of network operations Jeff Smith AKA Coingun, stepped into the toilet, literally, to give an interview to Bitcoin Uncensored.

Coingun interview at TNABC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xPt9YLdQF4

Omar Bham, the man who likes to talk crypto in his car, mentioned Dash in a recent episode of Let's Talk Crypto.

Crypt0 mentions Dash: https://youtu.be/N8bGN_4hvqA?t=10m10s

BATT analyzed Dash price charts and movements quite thoroughly in this episode of Bitcoin & Altcoin Trading Talk.

And Youtuber James Bond made this interesting and pony-filled Dash 3D graphic for his video where he gives Dash analysis and predictions.

James Bond Dash 3D “brony” video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ose3ccTrYog

Did you know that there's a My Little Pony called Rainbow Dash? Now you do.

Let's move to price movement.

Dash's current prices in the neighborhood of 14 US dollars and seventeen cents. This makes for a market capitalization of roughly 100 million dollars, with a 24-hour trade volume of 2.6 million dollars, and just over 7 million coins in existence.

In our 7-day price chart you'll see that today's market cap is almost identical to what it was seven days ago. In the interim there was this sort of price arc as you see here, during which time Dash temporarily displaced Ethereum Classic for the number-6 spot in market cap rankings.

Price and charts: http://coinmarketcap.com

Speaking of price fluctuations – community member troydash recently brought to this most excellent tool to my attention, which can be used by masternodes to see in a glance the current monthly payout as well as percentage of the network that they own per masternode.

Now to Business News.

I almost dare not believe that it's so, but it appears that there is a comprehensive and detailed website listing all merchants that accept Dash worldwide.

WeLoveDash.com currently lists 145 plus merchants, making them the single most comprehensive collection of Dash merchants on the internet.

If your Dash-accepting business is not listed on this website the admins can be reached via their contact information or via the Dash Nation Slack, just reach out to user “aristokrat”.

Comprehensive merchant directory: http://welovedash.com (want to be listed? Contact “@aristokrat” on Dash Nation Slack)

There's a new merchant accepting Dash by the name of La Nay Ferme, which is a biodynamic farm in Provo, Utah selling vegetables and herbs.

La Nay Ferme Organic Farm accepts Dash: http://lanayferme.com

And for the third month in a row Purse.io reports that Dash is the top altcoin used to buy things from Amazon.

Let's check out Network Statistics.

Today's masternode count is 4,277. This is down 105 masternodes from last week's 4,382. Or as was pointed out by some in the Dash Nation Slack -- this means that masternode owners are now getting paid between one and two percent more frequently. With about 540 non-masternode full nodes open, we're left with a total of 4,820 full nodes on the network.

And in mining, today's hashrate is 2.31 Tara hashes per second, which is down slightly from a new all-time high that was reached a few days ago of 2.36.

Hashrate & full node count: http://bitinfocharts.com

Thanks to the assistance given them by both Oaxaca and Macrochip you see that there's a nifty profit calculator on CoinWarz that you can use with your individual electricity set-up to see if mining would or would not be profitable for you.

And speaking of mining, some have also been asking in the Slack about purchasing their own mining units. If indeed it is, Dash ASICs are sold from Pinidea, Baikal, and iBeLink.

And the next Dash superblock – that is treasury payday – is in eight days so if you have a masternode and you intend to vote, you'll want to get those in shortly.

Voting deadline/payout day upcoming: http://dashcentral.org

Now to Social Happenings.

Dash now has a presence on Pinterest. Yes, you heard me right, Pinterest. While luddites such as myself thought the site was primarily for recipes, pictures of wedding dresses, and arts and crafts tutorials, cryptocurrency is now representing.

Dash also has a Telegram news bot if you use Telegram and would like to subscribe to that news bot.

Dash Telegram news bot: https://t.me/dashnews

These handsome gents met up in Cancun, Mexico at the weekly Dash-sponsored Bitcuners meetup. The meetup is organized by Dash community member JZA.

And the first Dash meetup has taken place in Russia hosted by community member Milliarderko in the city Krasnodar. Milliarderko reports that 15 people showed up, and of them, six knew nothing about cryptocurrency.

The Crypto Show, continuing its sponsorship from Dash, has released this video of them helping prepare meals for the homeless with the project UnSung.

The Crypto Show / Unsung: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qpSQNGvfg74

This video, also by Youtuber Crypt0, shows Jeff Smith AKA Coingun, giving an exemplary explanation of Dash to a newcomer. The explanation took place at The North American Bitcoin Conference where the same Youtuber also recorded and published Ryan Taylor, director of finance at Dash, giving his presentation.

Coingun’s intro to Dash at the booth:

Ryan’s TNABC presentation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tn2s6IHAL4A

This presentation was so popular that a bounty was created for it to be remade with improved audio, and that has been done.

Remake of Ryan's presentation:

And we have ourselves a comment of the week! Yes. It's from a Chris Muller, and he said on Youtube,

"I think Dash has already become an unstoppable feedback loop. I'm beginning to sense the birth of a cryptocurrency juggernaut."

A cryptocurrency juggernaut – take that to the Dash bank that you are.

Comment of the week from:

And finally, Current Opportunities.

The Dash Force is holding a meetup contest. This means that if you're willing to agree to a few parameters such as purchasing refreshments and then giving your attendees Dash with which to buy those refreshments from you, you can get paid around hundred and ten dollars in Dash for holding a meetup. It doesn't matter where you live, doesn't matter who you are all, are qualified to apply.

And that's it for DASH: Detail this week.

Special thanks and props to Alex-ru who's beautiful Dash graphics we make use of frequently. You can find his gallery of free-to-use images yourself in the links in the description below.

Alex-ru DASH photo bank: http://bit.ly/2fnyZCl

That's it everyone, see you next Wednesday.

“We Are One” by Vexento:


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