FYI: Project Update section for DCG Business Development

Bradley Zastrow

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Dec 14, 2017
Dear Community

In our last DCG Quarterly review on 10 August, one of the commitments from Business Development was to create a channel on the Dash Forum to serve more formally for updates and discussion.

The intent of this new Project Update section is to serve as that channel. This has already been kicked off with the posting of the Spanish version of our BD strategy as well as the output from the strategy Q&A.

Along with updates on activity, as also discussed within the quarterly, we anticipate there will be greater opportunities for DCG Biz Dev and the community to partner moving forward. We’ll be using this section for that community reach out as well. This will be on a more ad hoc basis, and could range from simple tactical assistance to the more strategic.

We want to start first by keeping things simple, and can look to adjust as we move forward

Many thanks and best regards,

DCG Business Development Team

Ernesto, Jon, Omar and Brad
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