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February 2017 Budget Report

Discussion in 'Official Announcements' started by Ryan Taylor, Jan 29, 2017.

  1. Ryan Taylor

    Ryan Taylor Well-known Member
    Dash Core Team Foundation Member

    Jul 3, 2014
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    2017 is off to an amazing start, with a vastly expanded budget this month. With prices up about 50% compared to a month ago, we are confidently able to add to the team and fund larger expenses within a single month. The core team has completed its requests for the February budget cycle. The core team proposals constitute 80.0% of the maximum budget this month, and including community proposals, over 96% of the available budget is currently allocated.

    Below is an overview of February’s funding requests for the core team and the community sponsored proposals that are currently passing. The next superblock is scheduled for block 614792, which I estimate to occur at approximately 1pm (UTC) on Friday, February 3rd.

    If you have not already reviewed and voted on the proposals submitted throughout the month, there is still plenty of time to vote. Be sure to vote by Wednesday to see your votes counted.

    Ongoing Core Team Budget Items:

    Core Team Budget - 1,176 Dash (ongoing)

    Core Team Budget Requests:

    Dash Offices at SkySong
    This proposal funds office space at SkySong Innovation Center - 148.23 Dash

    Evolution Development Subcontractors
    This proposal provides continued funding for additional subcontracted development resources to accelerate the delivery of Evolution - 801.29 Dash

    Public Relations
    This proposal seeks funding to provide for ongoing public relations services through our current PR firm, Wachsman PR - 404.71 Dash

    Infrastructure - Datacenter
    This proposal is to fund our ongoing infrastructure costs - 74.87 Dash

    DashCore Development
    This proposal extends the existing supplemental development resources dedicated to DashCore development - 346.31 Dash

    ICE Totally Gaming Conference
    This proposal is to fund Dash's participation at the ICE Totally Gaming Conference scheduled from February 7th-9th in London - 287.09 Dash

    Business Development - Major Exchange
    This proposal funds the integration with a major exchange with fiat trading pairs - 2,183.06 Dash

    Marketing - International Outreach
    This proposal will provide continued funding for our language translators, funding for translating our wiki and videos, and is supporting marketing sponsorships - 178.21 Dash

    HR Consulation
    This proposal funds a third party review of the Core Team's HR processes surrounding 6 key areas - 360.06 Dash

    Other Community Sponsored Proposals Currently Slated to Fund:

    Dash Detailed
    123.00 Dash (payment #5 of 6)

    Dash Point of Sale
    165.00 Dash

    Dash Core for Fedora, CentOS, and Red Hat
    33.00 Dash (payment #2 of 3)

    Dash: Detailed Subtitles
    50.00 Dash (payment #1 of 2)

    The Crypto Show Sponsorship
    137.00 Dash (payment #1 of 3)

    Amanda at Anarchipulco
    139.00 Dash

    Dash Chat
    23.00 Dash

    Futuretech Podcast Sponsorship
    20.00 Dash

    NABTC Travel Reimbursement
    66.00 Dash

    Sponsorship of the Cryptoverse
    133.33 Dash (payment #3 of 3)

    Bitcuners Meetup Sponsorship
    16.00 Dash (payment #3 of 3)

    Unallocated funds:

    There is currently 284.63 Dash unallocated in this month's budget. For the full list of proposals, visit http://dashvotetracker.com/

    Complete Budget (as of current voting rank):


    Note: USD conversion in the table assumes conversion rates noted in the new budget proposals (at the time they were submitted to the network), or the average exchange rate on the date the proposals were submitted, excluding any requested funds specifically for proposal reimbursement costs. Core team budget assumes a USD exchange rate of $15.112 as of January 29th. Existing fixed-duration budgets use the original exchange rate at the time of creation. Exchange rate risk is carried only by the proposer of these budgets and not by the network.
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  2. camosoul

    camosoul Grizzled Member

    Sep 19, 2014
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    It's interesting that there's 5 days left to give away $4500 in free money for nothing, and nobody wants it... Yay for adding value...

    I wonder who's going to submit a proposal for the exact amount at the last seconds and vote for it, so their vote is the only one... Again.

    Maybe this is how you make it look like the budget is full? Aside from all that zero-results pork...

    Think about it. $4500 swingin' in the breeze, and you can't even get an AIDS infected homeless alcoholic felon to come take it from you. That's how repugnant... "$4500!? Oh, but I have to take it from that guy? I don't even have to talk to him, you say... Well, that's nice, but I still find him so revolting that I'd rather just crawl back into my dumpster... $4500 isn't worth being seen with that guy."

    Thanks to the OP, DASH is that guy.
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  3. mastermined

    mastermined Active Member

    May 26, 2014
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    Don't forget DashForce Reloaded! I really like that one :D
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  4. martinf

    martinf Member
    Masternode Owner/Operator

    Aug 21, 2015
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    As can be seen here http://dashvotetracker.com/ there has been more proposals, but they have been rejected by the voting masternode operators.

    There's a number of mechanisms that prevent singlehandedly pushed through last minute proposals.

    The proposal must have been active for at least one(?) day and have at least 10% of the total number of masternodes as net yes voters, (yes minus no voters).
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  5. seven.71

    seven.71 New Member

    Feb 1, 2017
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    I see from the funds that are allocated to some very sizable many Project Dash, Dash seemed to her future will be better and there will be price increases in the market trading
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  6. David

    David Well-known Member
    Dash Support Group

    Jun 21, 2014
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    Roughly 3-4 days. It takes 72 hours (I think...might be 48) for a proposal to be "mature" and then budget finalization happens about 24 hours before the superblocks.
  7. Icebucket

    Icebucket Active Member

    Apr 11, 2014
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    There is a solution to this that would benefit the whole network.

    A DASH charity fund. I have brought this up in the past but the idea didnt get much headwind at that time.

    A monthly catchall by a trusted entity (Dont think it would work on a individual proposal level)
    The funds would be distributed every 3 months or so to a charity that MNs would vote on.

    This would gain allot of good PR in the long run that would benefit Dash bottom line for everyone.

    Also it would be the first ever decentralized blockchain charity fund ever.
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  8. camosoul

    camosoul Grizzled Member

    Sep 19, 2014
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    Actually, I like this idea. It doesn't solve the real issue, but it does create a value comparison. It's a creative work-around that is not terribly objectionable.

    There is a lot of bullshit charity out there... This "trusted party" would be responsible for due diligence and the guvshit that comes with handling the money...

    Hell, I'd do it. But, alas, the same identity politics snowflakes that stabbed me in the back promote the notion that I'm the dishonest one... Because guns! Because religion! Because gruff! Because truth we don't like! The list goes on...
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