FaucetBase.net - Full catalog and rating faucets! (DRK+)


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Mar 13, 2015
Hello all!
We are pleased to introduce to you a Faucetbase.net - simple functional rating and catalog faucets.

It presents BTC, LTC, DOGE, XPM, PPC, DRK and other faucets.

How does this work? ( FAQ )

All links are automatically checked every day.
Go to any category you are interested in and click on any faucet. Page with a tap will open automatically.
If you have a desire to sort the faucets as you select, use the tabs:

1. Popularity - lists faucets based on the number of transitions at the tap
2. Date - date added
3. Users rate - estimated users

In the ranking given an opportunity to comment on the taps and evaluate them.
Each comment and evaluation will help other users make the right choice.

How to add a link?

Click on "Add link", fill out the form and click "send".
At the bottom, you must specify the timer and the average size of payments.
Before submitting please make sure that the valve has not yet been published verifying it through a search on the site.

We hope you like it. Enjoy ;)