Emotional rude responses, why?


May 16, 2015
Costa Rica
Listen guys, I just posted two new ideas that I really liked that I read about on this forum. I got three nasty and condescending replies. Things like "that's stupid" or "how about we focus on real ideas instead of your moronic ones" and basically saying I'm an idiot.

Now, I'm a big boy and I responded and still believe my ideas were correct. But regardless of that calling people stupid and being rude does not help our community go forward and makes me want to sell my DASH and leave.

Enough assholes in the Bitcoin forums and I am a good DASH supporter. Being crapped on because I have ideas doesn't seem to make any sense for anyone.
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Mar 9, 2014
We can't control how other people act, only how we react to them. Yes, people are getting far to short with one another. We have everyone from all walks of life, and the written word doesn't come with any inflections. Thus, we can quickly get under each others skin. As you point out, Bitcoin forums have the same problems. It comes with the territory. All I can say is that most people here are nice, or those who are crabby all the time, you can find humor in them, or avoid them (you can ignore those that offend you most, and thus not have them get under your skin) I had to put TheDashGuy on ignore for a while, LOL, (sorry dude!) because he was so angry for a while that I couldn't take it. Then he seemed to calm down, and I took him off. Not that I hate him, just had to keep the negativity off of me.

But I feel like you do. I am frustrated with the negativity of late and wish everyone would take a step back. A lot can be healed if we simply showed a little respect for one another. And if a person is disrespectful, instead of dragging it into an open fight, just stick them on ignore. There is nothing good or useful at the end of that road :)


May 14, 2016
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Dash is a currency, not a cult - or even a social club for that matter. The peculiar dramas of adults (?) having tantrums on public forums has absolutely zero influence on my decision to hold Dash.
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Jul 31, 2015
A few thoughts --
If you put ideas forward, be prepared to receive criticism! Remember to have an open mind and consider it a learning opportunity when you receive feedback, regardless of whether it is positive or negative. In an online forum setting like this, people have a tendency to really speak their minds with minimal filtering.

Ideas that may seem simple and straightforward may actually be quite difficult or impossible to actually implement, or may require a very significant change in the project's vision/direction. The core development team is very focused on their work, and many people in our community have all sorts of different ideas, so when people lobby for things like this it may not be received warmly. To our programmers or those who are more technically knowledgeable about our protocol, I would just say to keep in mind that over time if our project is successful, a greater and greater percentage of Dash users will not have the same level of familiarity with the project that you do, so as a favor to yourself and to everyone else, please try to respond in a way that will neither drive yourself crazy nor discourage other Dash users. Also, even if you think that an idea should be thrown away right off the bat, does not mean it should just be dismissed and not discussed by those who actually would like to talk about it, and do not assume ill-intent on the part of the OP. (I'm not commenting on this case in particular, just in general)

Be aware that some ideas that you put forward may have already been discussed or may have their own threads already. If this is the case, anyone responding to the thread should kindly direct you to the appropriate thread topic --
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