[DividendRippler] BTC/LTC/TRC/NMC/DRK Ripple/Stellar gateway


New Member
Mar 2, 2015
More transparency on DividendRippler, a sum up of all the available funds is now shown at the new Funds page.

Addresses are provided for the hot, cold, ripple and stellar wallets so you can verify the veracity of the shown values at any time. User addresses are not disclosed (though they are available if you do the leg work) but values scattered there are regularly consolidated into the hot and cold wallets.

Remember this is a snapshot balance and may not be exactly matching the current wallets, but it is updated hourly and should provide a bit more confidence in DR's handling of funds if more confidence is needed.

Cold wallet funds are moved in a completely manual fashion so now you can also see if your redeem will be immediate or will have to wait for funds to be thawed.

As always, let us know of any requests or complains and thank you for your business!