Dash Tamale Merchant Focus: 50 New Dash Merchants, Dash Fair and 100 New Wallets at low cost


Feb 10, 2018

Build demand and use case for dash in the fastest growing city of west Africa (Tamale, Ghana), through signing up
50 dash merchants, provide in-person dash liquidity and 100 new dash wallets at low cost.

1.Proposal Mission Statement
  • Increase Merchants: the proposal aims to provide a moderate growth for more merchants to accept Dash as a form of payment, which is in line with dash core objective.
  • Improve businesses: we aim to improve business operations within Tamale, in a massive way. By providing businesses with the appropriate information to accept dash. Make Tamale city, the hub of dash in west, Africa.
  • Dash mass adoption: we want to achieve Dash-only economy in Tamale by 2025 through concerted business adoption strategies and supported growth process. Build demand for dash that leads to more consumer and merchant adoption.
2.Why Vote Yes
  • More merchant adoption: The way to make dash a global currency is to get merchants accept and use dash around the world. Capitalizing on this interest, we need to get people to USE Dash and Dash alone to obtain goods and services. This proposal will address this important need- merchant integration. By increasing the number of functional dash merchants in Tamale from nine (9) to 59.
  • Merchants Backlog: Tamale is the hub for all commercial activities of Northern Ghana with the existence of numerous businesses. Getting dash accepted by merchants in this town means huge returns to dash. With the numerous commercial activities in Tamale, we have heap of businesses available to integrate, and this proposal will help us to on-board and orientate them on dash merchandise.
  • Economical: the amount requested to execute this project is reasonable, looking at the returns this will gain for dash. Our able-team will implement a business plan that is cost-effective, self-sufficient and with the ability to meet all project requirements in time.
3.The Action Plan
  1. One-on-One Business Meetups: We will visit 300 businesses (both small and medium) in the Central Business Districts and bus stations within the town, and Pitch them about DASH, how they can become merchants and how it can improve their cash flow. Also;-Install one of the primary 2 wallets and Anypay POS into their business computer. -Formalise the business on www.discoverdash.com and request for their emails for further support.
  2. Stickers and Social Media: We will market merchants by asking new merchants to put the “Dash Accepted here” sticker in their businesses as well as post on their website or social media that they are accepting dash.
  3. Adopt “Dash Invita” strategy by Dash Colombia: organise short events at the place of merchants that currently accept Dash to present dynamic training of about 10 minutes to new Dash users, individually or in successive groups of less than 10 people at a time. This helps merchants see why accepting Dash is valuable, and gets new users, and then connect these new users with opportunities to buy dash.
  4. Dash fair: organise a Multi-merchant promotional event at a public place with 5 or more Dash merchants where as many as 50 new users open wallets in under 4 hours, receive small airdrops, purchase more Dash, and spend their Dash at nearby Dash merchants.
4.Strategies for keeping merchants in operation
  • Weekly meetings with merchants

  • Regular information and feedback

  • Intensive marketing for merchants

  • Easy Liquidity service through in-person liquidity providers.
5.What to Expect
  1. 50 new dash merchants: on board 50 new merchants with spark or anypay POS, dash acceptance stickers, liquidity support, merchant promotion, referral incentives and on-going whatsapp/email/phone support.
  2. 100 new Dash users/wallets: achieved 100 new wallets in our events, ongoing support with proper orientation, the chance to buy and spend Dash immediately.
  3. One Dash Fair: dash promotional event held at a public place, where atleast 100 people will get dash orientation. That attracts at least 50 new consumers as well as showcase the practical usage of dash to the general public.
  4. Four (4) Dash invita events: four dash invita events held at 4 merchant places to engage individual consumers in dash orientation. Together with at least 50 new wallets opened in these events.
6.Success Criteria
  1. Submit to the community a video recordings and pictures of the activities we executed.

  2. Publish our achievements on social media such as twitter, Facebook and discord.

  3. Records on www.discoverdash.com

  4. Testimonies of some merchants shall be video and send to community
7.Monthly Budget

Project Milestones and Schedule

8.The Team
Yakubu Sahabia: Coordinator.
Full-time, 60 hours/week. Development Planner, Effective Communicator, Data management specialist, Salesman, Crypto enthusiast, PRO for Center for Liberty and Entrepreneurship (www.clegh.org), and co-founder for Initiative for Green and Digital Economy (www.igdeglobal.org).

Fuseini Lukman: Marketing Director.
Full-time, 60 hours/week. Accounting and Finance Officer, Salesman, Crypto enthusiast and active dash ambassador.

Majeed Fatima: Salesperson.
Part-time. Marketing specialist, communicator, crypto enthusiast and digital marketer with experience in video production.

Mutawakil Wuninmi: Technical Director.
Part-time. IT specialist, Digital marketer with experience in communications and video production.

George Donnelly: Advisor. Volunteer. Dash Colombia Coordinator, business-builder, Visionary thinker. Provides feedback and original ideas to ensure we put our DAO funding to its most effective uses.

9.My Quick Story in Dash

10.Contact us:
Phone: +233544776000
Discord: sahabia#2591
WhatsApp: +233544776000
Telegram: @sahabia1
Twitter: @sahabiajy
Email: [email protected]
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Mar 16, 2017
Enjoyed the video of yourself Sahabia! Looking at the budget requests everything looks good to me! You know what your doing-you've done meetups and such-there is no reason not to give this man a shot at this! Are you putting this in Dash Boost or the main treasury?

I think one method that works well with people and merchants is getting them on camera and interacting with them-can potentially get there attention and also have something for the masternodes to see. It can be tough to pull off but I see you have done it in the past. I think your doing good stuff and think Dash is lucky to have you engaging with the public on our behalf.
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