Dash Repo Roundup Mar 20-Mar 26 2019


Mar 11, 2017
After the big news drop last week of DCG making a good number of Evolution repositories public for the first time, attention this week seems to be focused on getting a Release Candidate for v14 ready to have testnet builds for the wider community to help with the process.

This latest notification I got looks very important, @UdjinM6 has requested a commit to have chainlocks transactions confirmed. You can view it here:


I expect DCG will have a release candidate available for testing shortly after Spork. I am told that upgrading to v14 will also require a network hardfork and I am hoping we don’t see as many RCs as we did with v13, it was 13 release candidates if memory serves me right.

V14 will introduce LLMQs and Chainlocks and looks to be another major network upgrade.

A lot commits have been called on v14 this week, so expect DCG to remain true to its word and follow up quickly with testnet builds.

Hash Engineering has been relatively quite this week, likely taking time to follow up on reports after releasing v6.4.1 Dash wallet for Android. This should be fully compliant with

Taking a look at the Evolution repositories (you can look for yourself at this link)


We are now at 51 public repos as DCG continues to make the source code available to our development community.

Remember, Dash will have the 7% reduction in rewards after the next superblock (halvening) which will coincide with Spork 15. All of this appears to be coming together flawlessly. Check back next Tuesday for my next update.

Agnew Pickens
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