Dash Repo Roundup Mar 13-Mar 19 2019


Dash Core Group
Chief Sock Advisor
Mar 11, 2017
The really big news this week for Dash is that the Evolution libraries on Github are starting to go public. We finally get to take a peek at what DCG has been working on for so long. You can look at all the public repos at this link:


47 public repositories, which is a buttload of work revealed for the first time. I guess Ryan Taylor won’t have to grow that beard after all.

As far as the regular Dash repos, we did end up with that release of v0.13.2.0 this week as I posted in my last report. Work continues on Chainlocks and LLMQs as well as that stubborn Bitcore backport to v0.15 that is now in Pull Request 8.

I have been told that Dashcore does not have to adopt SegWit to be able to interact with SegWit chains and I am only guessing that this backport is taking so long because DCG is still working on compatibility with SegWit without having to add it to the core protocol.

Hash Engineering released another update to the Android Wallet and 6.4.1 wallet has been released. You can see the repository here:


It is clear from the release of the Evolution repositories that have been released so far, that there has been a lot more going on with DCG than just the previous public repos. This should impact Dash’ rating with the new Coin Market Cap rating system for cryptocurrencies. I will be following some of the new Evo repos and adding them to this weekly report.