Dash Repo Roundup Feb 3-Feb 12 2019


Mar 11, 2017
Big news this week for Dash was the release of Dashcore v0.13.1.0 to fix an issue that would have made activation of DIP3 by the network very difficult. Another week of substantial activity on both the Dash and Hash Engineering repos as the network moves toward DIP3 and as DCG gets v14 ready for full testing ahead of the network upgrade.

There was a merged pull request to delay implementation of the deterministic MN manager until DIP3 is fully activated. Work continues on the BTC backport v0.15 to keep us on the same fork as Bitcore as pull request 6 was just filed leaving the issue still open. Dash is still on Bitcore v0.14 so we have 3 full backports to complete before we come into full compliance with their v0.17 wallet. This latest pull request is waiting for commits and hopefully this will allow them to move onto to Backport v0.16. Two more backports have been added by UdjinM6 so it appears that DCG is working hard to get us on the same fork as BTC.

Hash Engineering has not been as active and it looks like the mobile wallets should be close to ready for v13 compliance once DIP3 spork is activated. Looks like just a few minor tweaks to their repo to make sure everything is ship shape. The biggest issue seems to have been with this pull request that was issuing scan warnings but appears to have been resolved. It had to do with Android versions 6.0 and below. The Instant Send Autolocks are being worked on for mobile and appear to be on track.

We will not have a release candidate for v14 until DIP3, and Dash repo has a number of Works-In-Progress, but there is no major issue that seems to be holding back development on that front, so Dash users should expect a release candidate upon DIP3 activation so that they can test the wallet along with DCG. The network can be assured that the dev team is working hard to get v14 ready for the next phase.